Anchor Card

For many, the Anchor Card may mean the terminus or the end of their journeys round the globe. Supposedly, you have traveled far near, toured the farthest places of this earth but you did not have peace of mind till this very moment. This is so because you have just got to your destination. So, welcome.


The Anchor Card may suggest marriage. It may also mean that you have reached your point of no further progress. You love the person you are with and they love you too. Therefore, you are ready easy to settle and plan your life with your new spouse.


The Anchor Card may mean you are very skilled at what you do. Thus, no one jokes with you. You are proficient in your field of knowledge and you are truly grounded in all that you know. In fact, you have attained a permanent space in the hearts of your colleagues at work and they depend on you for anything. It may also mean that you have recently achieved your goal and you are enjoying the best time of your life.


It may be that you have chasing a particular dream all this while and the thought of it has been perpetually leaving your perturbed. Rest assured; the way is open. The reality of your dream is here, now. Just keep at it a bit more, put in some more resources and then you would be good to go. It may also mean that you have finally made it big in your chosen discipline.


The Anchor Card means a safe hold, a protective measure, defense mechanism against any unforeseen challenge. It may also mean an end to fluctuations, one is stable and still like a dam. With the Anchor Card, one is guaranteed to scale any hurdle, walk through any furnace and cross any ocean fearlessly.

With the Anchor Card, it means one has experienced a reality, successfully waded through it and one has got one’s heart’s desires at the end.

Anchor Lenormand Tarot Card – Combinations

Anchor and rider: something new is in the air some good news about work

anchor and clover: luck happiness a new place to live

anchor and ship: travelling to a new place, a new place to live, moving to a new place

anchor and house: you found a new place to live, you are settled, enjoy the place where you are

anchor and tree: good health, overcoming a disease

anchor and clouds: a short time of instability, feeling a little bit uncertain

anchor and snake: be aware  of problems

anchor and coffin: changes in the air, sometime of instability, something is ending for good reason

anchor and bouquet: it’s time to enjoy

anchor and scythe: change with is coming suddenly, some kind of conflict which could stay longer

anchor and whip: some kind of conflict, feels like a punishment, not long-term

anchor and birds: a relationship which could be a life long one

anchor and child: a fresh start, a new beginning

anchor and fox: occurring problems in the job area, cunning methods are needed, a new job with good perspectives

anchor and bear: you can trust, something stable is coming into your life; especially in the finance area

anchor and Star: success is yours

anchor and stork: changes especially in career or epic decision something new is coming into your life which is bringing stability

anchor and dog: stability, especially in friendships

anchor and tower: something related to the government, taxes, feeling to be stucked

anchor and garden: happiness, relaxation, retirement, working in PR

anchor and mountain: time which feels without any movement forward, a obstacle

anchor and crossroad: a big decision a decision in the work area

anchor and mice: get some rest, time for break, get some time in nature

anchor and heart: a long-term relation, loyalty, something/ somebody makes you happy

anchor and ring: wedding, a long-term relationship, committing to something, a contract

anchor and book: good experiences, research, studying something to know what could change your life

anchor and letter: a contract which brings stability, the last will, a contract in general, good news

anchor and men: masculinity, will-power, stability, hard-working, trusting feelings, reliability, a new mentor

anchor and lily: contentment

anchor and sun: you reaching your goals, a new place to live, success, you found what you looking for

anchor and moon: hidden popularity, some time to recover, working at night

anchor and key: you found a solution, success, happiness, feeling of relief

anchor and fish: money comes in, good investments, success in business, more sales

anchor and cross: it seems to be destiny, it’s a milestone, something which needs to be done

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