Bear Card

Here, it is a revelation of strengths. A person who draws a Bear Card is very, if not too much, reliant on their strengths. They do not believe anything is unachievable. They are positive in all their thoughts and might appear haughty especially when relating with others.

That one draws a Bear Card does not  mean one is proud or pompous, it may only suggest that one should be more involving in working with a team than being totally independent.


Herein, it suggests that you are the type of lover that instinctively fends for your family. It may also mean that you are the protective type. You allow nothing harmful to come near those you care about.


The Bear Card often infers that one is in a position of authority but one needs to be careful in order to avoid being too domineering or bossy. It also means that you are vibrant, energetic. You do not joke with your work. It may also mean that you do not back out of tight corners. You pull the bull by the horns. You are a risk taker as well.


The Bear Card suggests that you need to pay attention to your wealth inflow. You must be accountable at all times. For you, this is personal, for you are at the epicenter of your successes or failures. Everything that involves your wealth status is contingent on you, yourself.


The Bear Card generally means that you do not scare easy. You are a responsible being. You are ready to go out of your way to provide for your family and you are ready to destroy anything or anyone that may lie in the way of that as an impediment.

Bear Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Bear and rider: This combination stands for the opportunity for money to come forward.

Bear and clover: This combination means prosperity and succeeding in a lucky outcome.

Bear and ship: This combination may entail that there is going to be a very costly trip ahead of you.

Bear and house: This combination symbolizes the real estate agent.

Bear and tree: This combination represents being healthy and making sure you are achieving a healthy diet.

Bear and clouds: This combination represents uncertain financial decisions.

Bear and snake: This combination provides that there may be financial problems due to deceit, often between mother and daughter or boss and woman.

Bear and coffin: This combination may entail a sick mother or grandmother, or loss in general.

Bear and bouquet: This combination stands for great success due to outstanding leadership.

Bear and scythe: This combination ensures that you will need to make a financial decision, which may lead to loss.

Bear and whip: This card set ensures that financial problems will occur, which will cause many fights.

Bear and birds: This combination represents the financial negotiations between a boss and their employer.

Bear and child: This card set creates the archetype of a large overweight and strong child.

Bear and fox: This combination may entail that there is a dishonest boss who has been hovering over financial deciet.

Bear and stars: This combination stands for financial improvement withstanding.

Bear and stork: There will be changes in your life. This may be with money or food. It may also mean that you are going to get a new boss.

Bear and dog: This combination represents a friendly helper or boss.

Bear and tower: This combination represents a courthouse, bank, or other organizational building.

Bear and garden:  This combo incites working out with a group of people, such as a public gym.

Bear and mountain: There may be something blocking your income or financial stream.

Bear and crossroad: This combination may mean that there will be multiple sources for income. It may also mean that a boss or mother figure is going to make a financial decision.

Bear and mice: There is a possibility of financial loss or worry.

Bear and heart: This combination describes love of money, power, and the boss; indulgence.

Bear and ring: You may catch a relationship with a powerful person and make a financial agreement.

Bear and book: This combination may entail a secret about money or an unknown man.

Bear and letter: You may receive an invoice or check in the mail very soon.

Bear and man: This combination may entail a powerful and big-bodied man.

Bear and woman: This combo describes a powerful woman or a woman with her boss.

Bear and lily: This combination may represent a person with money, possibly a business partner or financial advisor.

Bear and sun: This combination entails that there will be prosperity and financial success.

Bear and moon: This card set represents artistic endeavors.

Bear and key: This combination entails financial success.

Bear and fish: This combination brings hope of a out of incoming money.

Bear and anchor: This card set represents stability in the workplace, whether it be through finance or the boss.

Bear and cross: This combination brings upon financial depletion, possibly through donation.

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