Birds Card

When one thinks ‘birds’, one thinks a team of players, a multitude of individuals who share a distinct likeness. But, it is advantageous that one investigates the authenticity of their goals and objectives before one hops on their train.  In addition, there is never quietude where birds crest. Everywhere is lively and everyone is eager to participate. However, one should put one’s ears to the ground and know the real intent behind their gathering.


The Birds Tarot Card sometimes suggests a harmony. It may mean a form of relationship between two indispensable friends. It may also mean that kind of union where the two express themselves without fear; hence they are able to connect on a much more fundamental level compared to others.

The Birds Lenormand Tarot Card also reveals a person’s somewhat side of carefreeness, simply because a bird never worries about what is to become of it.


The Birds Lenormand Card may indicate team work, team spirit as well as joint and effective coordination. It may mean that one should avoid unnecessary relationship with such individuals who have no clear vision or goal about their lives; those who, if one is not watchful, may destroy one’s life in an instant with mere baseless accusations.


A bird is an indication of fortune. But, the dictates that determine whether that fortune is good or bad differ since different birds mean different interpretations. Herein notwithstanding, the Birds Card show that one should not be hasty to follow the crowd; one should not do things by proxy. One should validate the truth first about the durability of a business or venture before one falls headlong into it.


‘Birds of a feather flock together’ is a cliché that many have already come to accept. This means that the people you move with would determine where you find yourself in life. Hence, the Birds Card suggests that one should relate with pacesetters and avoid gossips and rumor peddlers. One should stick one’s neck out for the truth at all times.

Birds Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Birds and rider: This combination often symbolizes two boys. It may imply many messages between a sender and reciprocate.

Birds and clover: This combination implies successful and productive conversations between two people. It may mean that you will be a lucky phone call from someone special.

Birds and ship: This combination symbolizes two travelers in which needs to make conversations about their trip.

Birds and house: This pair may bring upon conversations of house, implying roommates. It may also represent real estate marketing.

Birds and tree: This combination often instigates important and life-revolving conversation. It may symbolize a nurse.

Birds and clouds: This combination may imply confusing and misinterpreted conversation. It implies that there is a misunderstanding.

Birds and snake: This combo represents gossip and slander, which may lead to difficult discussions. It may also symbolize a phone call with a female.

Birds and coffin: This combination is often related to silence between a couple. It may imply that a break up is going to happen eventually.

Birds and bouquet: This set represents the fun and cheerfulness during a date. It provides happy conversation.

Birds and scythe: This combination often creates dualistic tendency and opposition. It may entail that there will be difficult negotiations at hand.

Birds and whip: This combination implies that there is likely to be arguments and disagreements.

Birds and child: This card set represents two children, such as twins or siblings.

Birds and fox: This card set may imply that you will receive a phone call or have a conversation that will be deceptive.

Birds and bear: This combination instigates a conversation and talking to with a boss or motherly figure.

Birds and stars: This combination implies that you will receive a promising phone call.

Birds and stork: This combo provides that there will be a talk or speech that will being upon change.

Birds and dog: This combination means conversation or relatives.

Birds and tower: This combination represents legal discussions that may take place in one’s life.

Birds and garden: This combination symbolizes places where speeches are made, such as a convention or seminar.

Birds and mountain: This card set implies that there will be no response.

Birds and crossroad: This combination may imply that you will need to make a difficult decision soon that may lead to separation.

Birds and mice: This combination represents no talking. It may cause stress and anxiety.

Birds and heart: This combination symbolizes lovers and conversations about so.

Birds and ring: This set may instigate multiple contracts. It may mean that an agreement must be made.

Birds and book: This combination symbolizes the contrast between students and teachers. It may imply that there are secrets being circulated.

Birds and letter: This combination implies messages and media.

Birds and man: This combination symbolizes a talkative salesman.

Birds and woman: This combination symbolizes good speaker and mediator.

Birds and lily: This combination may represent an elderly couple. It may imply that there are going to be difficult and lengthy discussions.

Birds and sun: This card set implies that you will receive a nice phone call or have a great and successful interview.

Birds and moon: This combo persuades that there will be a creative speaker or performer.

Birds and key: This combination represents good communication and may imply a promising connection.

Birds and fish: This combination represents the sales industry and means that money is coming through.

Birds and anchor: This combination represents a stable relationship. It may mean you will be having a meeting soon.

Birds and cross: This combination may mean that you will have a tough conversation to be had.


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