Book Card

The Lenormand Tarot Book Card can be any form of documented material, either plain or filled with ink. It can be a reservoir of knowledge. The Book Card may be a gateway to information. It may be the storehouse of enlightenment. It even depicts that one is learned. It may be even be a trap door to another world entirely.


In this guise, the Book TarotCard may be a desire for something or someone, an obsession with someone from afar. It could infer an unprofessed likeness or infatuation for someone. It could even be so strong that one may start fantasizing about the person, or even worse still, start stalking them.


The Book Card can mean an erudite, a bibliophile, an egghead or a logophile as a person. It may mean that one derives pleasure in anything printed. It also infers a hands-on project, a duty or anything that tasks one’s brain and mind. It can also mean an assignment that one needs to undertake to achieve a feat far greater.

If one is seeking employment at a reputable firm, it may also infer that one should strive to improve one’s level of qualifications to boost one’s employment chances.


The Book Card may mean one is an accountant or a keeper of records. It may mean one is directly responsible for one’s good or bad fortune. It may also mean that one should look inwards and be wary of things that other people ignore.


The Book Card may infer a recent acquisition that is priceless, in the form of records. Remember also that the book card may mean a set of rules or if it refers to a person, a stickler for rules. Generally speaking, the Book Card means anything and everything connected to knowledge. Let us not write off the possibility of the Book Card being a compendium of commandments.

Book Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Book and rider: You may learn a secret about something unknown or get surprised by an unexpected visitor.

Book and clover: This combination entails a lucky discovery or unexpected breakthrough.

Book and ship: This combination may express studying overseas.

Book and house: This combination describes a home inspection or documents for a house.

Book and tree: This combination may include medical studies and learning.

Book and clouds: This combination describes new confusing and unhelpful information.

Book and snake: This combination means that there may be lies given to you presented as wisdom.

Book and coffin: This combination means the end of school, education or studies.

Book and bouquet: This combination expresses a happy discovery through successful studies.

Book and scythe: This combination represents the twist ending. It may mean that a secret is going to be revealed.

Book and whip: This combination may entail vigorous and challenging studies. It may also mean that there is a secret you cannot keep contained.

Book and birds: This combo relates to discussions about learning material or public speaking classes.

Book and child: This combination symbolizes the student.

Book and fox: This combination represents a teacher and the information that they teach.

Book and bear: This combination may contribute to financial or accounting studies.

Book and star: This combination may represent secret knowledge and esoteric studies.

Book and stork: This combination represents making changes in secret or without letting anyone else know.

Book and dog: This combination describes an intelligent or secretive friend.

Book and tower: This combination symbolizes a university and a professor. It may be associated with legal or political studies.

Book and combination: This combination deals with an author who has published a book and has to go through the public affairs.

Book and mountain: This combination describes studies are delayed due to information being difficult to gather.

Book and crossroad: This combination describes a decision about one’s studies; a possible dual major.

Book and mice: This combination may symbolize finals or failed exams. It may ultimately define stressful studies.

Book and heart: This combination describes a secret admirer or crush.

Book and ring: This combination represents a diploma or certification. It may entail a secret relationship.

Book and letter: This combination symbolizes documents.

Book and man: This combination describes the shy and intelligent man.

Book and woman: This combination describes a secret and educated woman.

Book and lily: This combination describes an affair with an unknown person.

Book and sun: This combination describes successful studies and exams. It may describe a genius.

Book and moon: This combo provides the symbolism of a psychologist. It may also represent a successful book written by a creative writer.

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