Bouquet Card

When one conceives the Bouquet  Lenormand Tarot Card, one conceives happiness, one conceives composure, and one knows that everything is idyllic. This is so because the Bouquet Card can represent a bunch of flowers. The Bouquet Card can also mean praise, recognition, commendation, thankfulness or admiration.


The Bouquet Tarot Card may be a blooming hand of friendship which you recently welcomed from someone. It appears that you are enjoying yourself with the person. You may find that you always like to be around them because you not only find them irresistible but you also find them to be loving as well as fun at the same time. It may even be an invitation to take your relationship to a new level, perhaps marriage! That leaves your taste buds itching for a bite. Does it not?


For you, the harvest season has arrived. Just imagine that your planting time has passed, you can thus forthwith stretch your legs and reap the benefits and rewards of your lifelong labors. The card may also forecast that there is nothing wrong with your work; everything is steadily going as you may have envisaged.


The Bouquet Lenormand Tarot Card may mean a new flavor that your businesses recently witnessed. Perhaps, you had witnessed a sort of dryness in your fortune. The card reveals a whole paradigm of assortments that your affluence is going to experience. Whatever you may lay your hands upon, is likely to prosper.


Imagine the rhapsody you feel when a flowers blossom around you. You feel at home. You feel secure. You experience contentment in a new light. You also talk about the freshness that they bring, the ambience that accompanies their arrival or the sangfroid scent that rents the air.

Bouquet Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Bouquet and rider: Happy news in the on the way. This combination may entail that you may gain a new friendship.

Bouquet and clover: This combination symbolizes good luck. It may entail that you are going to receive an invitation.

Bouquet and ship: This combination entails that a nice vacation is going to happen, most likely on a cruise ship.

Bouquet and house: This combination symbolizes celebration and party. It may entail a pretty and lovely house.

Bouquet and tree: This combo stands for nature. It brings upon good health.

Bouquet and clouds: This combination may produce procrastination due to daydreaming and laziness.

Bouquet and snake: This duo may produce the image of two women. It can mean that jealousy is or will be present.

Bouquet and coffin: This combination contributes to disappointment or an unpleasant gathering.

Bouquet and scythe: This combo is often associated with a positive surgery. It may mean a good decision has been made.

Bouquet and whip: This combo insinuates happy conversation. It may imply a fun night out is ahead.

Bouquet and birds: This combination symbolizes a fun conversation and possibly a couple invitations.

Bouquet and child: This set contributes to the charming child. It may entail a children’s party.

Bouquet and fox: This combination entails happiness in the workplace. It is often associated with a job related to fashion or beauty.

Bouquet and bear: This combo entails that there will be an improvement in finances.

Bouquet and stars: This combination symbolizes your hopes and dreams. It values achievement.

Bouquet and stork: Positive changes will most like occur. It provides that redecoration will take place to make space more comfortable.

Bouquet and dog: This combination symbolizes a good friend and company.

Bouquet and tower: This combo stands for an higher-class society. It may also symbolize a memorial.

Bouquet and garden: This combo provides nature. It symbolizes flowers and parks.

Bouquet and mountain: This set influences outdoor activities, such as hiking. It also may mean that the happiness that is trying to be obtained by happen slowly.

Bouquet and crossroad: This combination describes the setting of walking in nature. It may entail that there are new opportunities on the way.

Bouquet and mice: Happiness may be cut short due to the anticipation over a certain event.

Bouquet heart: This combination symbolizes love and possible engagement of a couple.

Bouquet and ring: This combination in states that happy proposal or marriage.

Bouquet and book: This combo provides easy learning and good studies. It stimulates good knowledge. It may also instigate a blind date.

Bouquet and letter: Happy news or an exciting invitation may come into your life.

Bouquet and man: This combination represents a charming man.

Bouquet and woman: This combination represents a lovely woman.

Bouquet and lily: Peace, harmonization, and contentment are the feelings expressed through these cards.

Bouquet and sun: This set represents success and the celebration that comes with it.

Bouquet and moon: These cards provide that an artist may show his work. It may also represent a pleasant date. Ultimately, it stimulates satisfaction.

Bouquet and key: This card set may instigate great attraction and success.

Bouquet and fish: This combo represents high-class industry, such as beauty. It may mean that you will receive an expensive invitation or possibly a money gift.

Bouquet and anchor: This set is all about working and achieving goals and gaining long-term happiness.

Bouquet and cross: This combination stands for that although there may be a need for sacrifice, happiness is surely destined.

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