Child Card

The Child Lenormand Card depicts a new brand of youth. The Child Card brings to light those formative years when a child crosses the bridge from naiveté to maturity, from ignorance to experience, from infancy to adulthood.


When you experience a fresh start, a new beginning, a launch of a new relationship, then know that this is what the Child Card is all about. The Child Card in terms of love, talks about an innocent state where either of both lovers does not see the fault of their spouse. They are very forgiving and do not keep malice. It may also infer a state where one forgets the past totally and concentrates solely on the present as a means of positively influencing the future.


The Child Tarot Card may suggest a new employment or a fresh start on a job, it may be the appearance of a new thing. It may also portray the gift of a second chance where or when an individual had misused a previously-given chance.


The Child Lenormand Card depicts a turnaround in one’s business. It means one may have to start small and develop at a given pace. In addition, one has to be wary so as not to be duped in any way or form for one may be viewed as immature and inexperienced.


The Child Card is all about a movement, a transition from one end to another. It usually means a positive transformation, a departure from the gullible domain to that of wisdom.

Child Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Child and rider: This combination may entail a male child who will give you a message.

Child and clover: This combination subjects a lucky child. It may mean that there is going to a positive new beginning.

Child and ship: This combination may produce a new business or upcoming trip.

Child and house: This set of cards describes taking care of young in the home, which may include a daycare.

Child and tree: Although this card means fertility, it may also mean that there is going to be a sick child.

Child and clouds: These cards may stands for the need to take a few steps back. It may induce a confused or problematic child.

Child and snake: This combination may entail that a woman will get a new child or have a new start. It may also mean a child who is trouble.

Child and coffin: This combination may entail a miscarriage or an abortion by the mother. If the birth process goes fine, it may also produce a sick child.

Child and bouquet: This combination creates a happy and attractive child. It may envision some type of party for a child where gift(s) are given.

Child and scythe: This combo may symbolize an ill child. It may support a future surgery or abortion due to pregnancy.

Child and whip: This set often expresses itself as the difficulty to start anew due to a bully and trauma.

Child and birds: This combination indicates a group of young children, whether they be siblings or twins.

Child and fox: This card set elaborates on a new job, especially whilst working with children. It may also hint at a cunning and clever kid.

Child and bear: This card set symbolizes a bigger child, whether they be overweight or physically strong. It also stands for maternity.

Child and stars: This combination may express itself through a talented child star. It may also mean that a new start is going to go well.

Child and storks: This combination may provide that there will be a pregnancy and big changes.

Child and dog: This combination may produce the image of a child and dog, as young friendship. It may also just be a kid who is friend.

Child and tower: This combination symbolizes an established education office or school for children.

Child and garden: This combination incites a group of young children, whether that be the park, playground, or a daycare.

Child and mountain: This combination describes a lonely and desolate child. There may be further delays.

Child and crossroad: This combination describes the differences between children in pairs, such as twins or siblings. It may mean that a different path is to be chosen.

Child and mice: These cards provide that there will be deductions. It may entail an illness of a child.

Child and heart: This card combination describes the love of a child. It may entail that you need to provide protection.

Child and ring: There may be an adoption soon. It may also mean that there will be a new contract.

Child and book: These cards maintain that a child is hiding a secret. It may also symbolize the school and the work that one does.

Child and letter: This combination speculates that there will be a birth announcement of some kind. There may be positive news on the way.

Child and man: This combination symbolizes a young, immature man going off to start his life.

Child and woman: This combination describes a woman who has a baby-face, and possibly petite.

Child and lily: This combination symbolizes the eldest child, or a child who looks much older than he actually is.

Child and sun: This card set contributes to a happy child in a positive setting.

Child and moon: This card set describes a creative and emotion child; the Moon child.

Child and key: There will be a great new beginning and success for a child.

Child and fish: This combination describes a child-related workplace, such as a day care or retail store.

Child and anchor: This combo provides responsibility for a child, and a new beginning, as well.

Child and cross: This combination describes a burdened and difficult childhood.

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