Clouds Card

The Clouds Tarot Card may signpost that things are not favorable at the moment but that will eventually pass. You may be expecting a good change but the situation might forebode a bad clime. It may also appear to be confusion, a state of meaninglessness. It may infer that you are stuck in a dilemma and you are clueless with regards to what to do.

However, you seem to find a way of coming out on top of these situations. After all, a cloud is fleeting. After a cloud, clarity comes to you.


The Clouds Lenormand Card can mean absence of clarity or precision as regards your love life. You may be presently confused and uncertain whether you should proceed with the relationship or call things quit before it is too late because you do not seem to enjoy your love life but after you have given much thought and patience to it, you discover that understanding blooms in your union. You may also be agitated about expressing yourself to someone you have feelings for.


The Clouds Card may suggest that there are complications at your place of work because you have just taken it up. Do not worry, it is the period when you learn to adjust, so adjust so you may enjoy the proceeds of your efforts.


The Clouds Card may infer that your stocks are not too positive at the moment and that you may need to re-strategize to prevent a colossal loss. It may also mean a series of impediments that your business faces at the moment. Just watch out and remain coolheaded, you would surely come out on the other side smiling to the good fortune.


The Clouds Card may imply that the present is not too fortuitous but you need to be patient for the future is bright. After all, after clouds, there comes sunrise. Also, in every cloud, there is a presence of silver lining. After gloom, there is joy. After darkness, there is light.

In addition, it is a clue to let you know that things are fleeting, nothing is permanent. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for the unfavorable climes as well as save against your needy times.

Clouds Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Clouds and rider: This combination stands for mischief. It may mean that you will be receiving a confusing message that may boggle you.

Clouds and clover: This card set stands for disappointment. It means that you will have uncertain luck in your endeavors.

Clouds and ship: This set means that you may be set to go on a trip and travel, but to where, is unknown.

Clouds and house: These cards are associated with a house, usually in the terms of confusion and discomfort.

Clouds and tree: This combination precedes mental confusion and illness, where the problems are difficult to pinpoint and diagnose.

Clouds and snake: These cards often go hand-in-hand in description of a woman having difficulty. There may be serious problems about to occur.

Clouds and coffin: This combo states that you have an epiphany and realize that something is up. You will receive clarity.

Clouds and bouquet: While seeking much happiness, it is not certain if this can be achieved.

Clouds and scythe: This combination is associated with confusion. It may mean that you are going to make an irrational decision that may have some consequences. It may also mean problems whilst in surgery.

Clouds and whip: These cards contribute to the faultiness of a relationship.  This could come in the forms of argument, abuse, or annoyance.

Clouds and birds: This combination may entail that you will receive a phone call soon. However, be cautious, as it may be filled with lies and deceit.

Clouds and child: This set induces that there may be a problem with a young child in one’s life. It may also mean problems with a new start.

Clouds and fox: These cards stimulate notorious notions such as lies and corruption. It may be the product of gross scheming. Frauds and misrepresentation may take place.

Clouds and bear: This set describes having problems with leadership, in some form or another, such as with a boss, an official, or a mother figure.

Clouds and stars: These cards emulate the pressure and disengagement that comes with drug and alcohol abuse. It may also mean procrastination and the hardships that come along with it.

Clouds and stork: Changes are going to be occurring in one’s life, and the motives may be risky.

Clouds and dog: There may be clouded judgment about an uncertain friendship in one’s life.

Clouds and tower: This card set creates the image of problems or confusion, and this is with authorial figures or a hospital, in contrast of what usually is used for protection.

Clouds and garden: This duo insinuates discomfort in public and around dubious company. It may also stimulate a drunken situation.

Clouds and mountains: Failure is inevitable and obstacles will need to be taken care for.

Clouds and crossroad: Thos combination states that you must take head and be careful in your choices. These cards together symbolize indecision.

Clouds and mice: Although things will get better, you will still most likely need to overcome may doubts.

Clouds and heart: This group symbolizes being head over heels for a crush. It also may mean you are lovesick over a certain person.

Clouds and ring: This combination essentially means a problem in a relationship. It may

also mean that you will have to observe a contract and indecision may occur.

Clouds and book: Together, these cards symbolize concealment and secrecy.

Clouds and letter: You will be granted with news that will change your perception, but in may be deception and used to confuse you.

Clouds and man: These cards symbolize the trickery of man, such as a con man.

Clouds and woman: This card set provides itself as an unstable and deceptive woman. It may concur that a headache will happen.

Clouds and lily: This set describes an unfulfilled sex life that often leads to an affair.

Clouds and sun: These cards symbolize improvement and will to make things better.

Clouds and moon: These cards together create the image of moodiness. Depression and emotional swings may occur.

Clouds and key: Although success is applicable, success will happen later on.

Clouds and fish: This combination stands for financial problems, such debt and stress about future prosperity.

Clouds and anchor: These cards stand for the ambivalence of direction and not being able to keep goals.

Clouds and cross: This combination stands for the stress, anxiety, and despair that one feels in life.

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