Clover Card

The Clover Lenormand Card implies a series of risks and conjectures. You live an instant life. You are much concerned about the present even though you are not defeatist about the future. You are not wasteful but you spend what comes your way on important things that exist in your present.

However, you still hold on to the hope of a better tomorrow. So, while you live in the present, your way of thinking is tuned towards making the most of the chances that may come your way in the nearest future.


The Clover Card implies that your love is most likely misjudged for it may be infatuation or lust. This is because most interpretations of the Clover Card are about temporariness. Nothing is truly lasting. Hence, you may entertain the thought that the feelings you have for that person may soon fade away. Not to worry, it is good that you remain hopeful that it does not. Hence, let every effort you have be geared towards making it work.


You are not too committed to a work because your mind seems to look ahead even when all points to the stability of your earnings. You yearn for more. Thus, you are forced to go from one job to another. It may also mean that you are presently not comfortable with what you are doing, ergo; you remain positive that better days are ahead.


The Clover Card reveals your finances are not stable just as they are not stagnant. You may experience an upward surge today and tomorrow, it may plummet beyond what you may have forethought. However, you are the type that does not give up and you make the most of any bad circumstance.


The Clover Tarot Card reveals something instant about your life. You are ready to pounce on a situation even when others are lethargic about the outcome. For you, optimism is key. You believe that anything can work for you insofar as you are open-minded about your chances.

All in all, the Clover Card implies that one should still be auspicious irrespective of one’s doubts of the packages that tomorrow has in its pouch for one.

Clover Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Clover and rider: This combination states that good news is on the way. It may also entail luck within athletics.

Clover and ship: This card set emulates a lucky trip that is going to take place soon.

Clover and house: This combo stimulates a prosperous home. Because of this, we garnish a lucky family.

Clover and tree: This combination stands for the recovery of illness.

Clover and clouds: This set symbolizes luck that is uncertain. It may produce procrastination and laziness.

Clover and snake: These cards merge to produce a lucky woman. She is mostly likely a gambler and opportunist.

Clover and coffin: This set may translate into a risky situation. The luck is certain to end.

Clover and bouquet: This combination symbolizes happiness. A positive outcome is likely.

Clover and scythe: This combination estimates a calculated risk may be needed to be done. Because a chance was taken, a lucky decision will be made.

Clover  and whip: This set stands for success. With lucky action, you will produce yourself as a winner.

Clover and birds: A happy phone call may be given or received. This set symbolizes a good discussion.

Clover and child: This combination symbolizes a happy child. It also may mean that a joyous new beginning is on the way.

Clover and fox: This combo set contributes to the professional gambler. It may mean that there is a job opportunity is coming your way. At worst, it means that luck is fleeting.

Clover and bear: This combination provides financial success. You may gain luck while gambling.

Clover and stars: This card set creates good luck. It may provide positive synchronicity which leads to success.

Clover and stork: Positive change is going to take place and it will be a success. Ultimately, improvements are going to happen.

Clover and dog: This combination stands for positive friendship. You may receive helpful service from a friend soon.

Clover and tower: This combo set provides luck with public authorities. It may symbolize a casino.

Clover and garden: You will have fun at a social event. There may be games and plenty of winning.

Clover and mountain: These cards imply that luck is currently being blocked.

Clover and crossroad: This combination provides that you may make a lucky decision. There is going to be a breakthrough in your life and you may receive multiple offers in return.

Clover and mice: This combination stands for gambling loss. Ultimately, luck is diminishing.

Clover and heart: These two cards provide that your luck in love will be abundant.

Clover and ring: These cards create a lucky contract. You may be in luck with a new relationship soon.

Clover and book: This combo symbolizes discovery. Your studies are likely to go very well.

Clover and letter: You will most likely be receiving positive news. It may also stand for a lottery ticket.

Clover and man: This combination makes up a lucky and optimistic man.

Clover and woman: This combination creates a lucky and optimistic woman.

Clover and lily: Business success is mostly likely on the way. If you are ready, you can retire.

Clover and sun: This combination provides a lot of luck. There may be immaculate overnight success coming to your life.

Clover and moon: This card set symbolizes romance and appreciation.

Clover and key: These two cards create a lot of luck. Success is mostly on the way.

Clover and fish: Business growth is going occur with financial increase. Ultimately, you will have luck with money.

Clover and anchor: You will have luck at work which will most likely provide long-term prosperity.

Clover and cross: This combination symbolizes blessings. A positive ending is going to occur.

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