Coffin Card

It is not a mere assumption that many an individual winces at the thought (let alone sight) of a coffin in its literal sense. Even a child believes that a coffin signals death, a demise. However as truthful as this may seem, death has nothing to do with the Coffin Lenormand Card. To iterate, none of the cards mean death in their literal sense. They may point to the possibility of the loss of a part of one that is no longer useful, agreed, what they do not do is foresee an actual demise. It may also infer what one has to let go to get something better and much significant.


For love, the Coffin Tarot Card may suggest that a relationship has lost the raging fire of passion that once pervaded. It may suggest that one should be ready to jet out of the relationship with the hope of finding a new love life. It may also mean that both lovers are ready to come grow out of their drab love life and rekindle the sweetness that one governed their union.


This may infer that it is high time you completed an activity. The job may be your personal endeavor just as it may mean a collective task. It could mean that you are about to transit to a new phase of your life, one that accommodates larger and many enviable feats.


The Coffin Lenormand Card can move to notify you to tread with caution and avoid ventures that may hamper your finances. You may have recently decided to activate a part of your inheritance or hard-earned funds just to boost your economic standing. It may mean that you should welcome any life-changing move irrespective of the possible impact it may have on your finances. Do not worry, you shall bounce back. You cannot implode.


Just like death itself is inevitable, so is change constant. Everything changes. All things eventually transform. All that matters is for one to be at the favorable end of the rope of such changes. It may be time for you to shed that skin and allow for another, young and bustling skin to replace that knackered part of your life.

Coffin Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Coffin and rider: This combination stands for a new beginning or rebirth that is going to end a cycle.

Coffin and clover: This combination brings upon a second chance and will to do better. Something good came out of the end.

Coffin and ship: This combination stands for moving or immigrating.

Coffin and house: This combo stands for a change within living space. It may mean remodeling of a home or the change of residence.

Coffin and trees: This combination stands the weakness that comes about due to an illness.

Coffin and clouds: This combination stands for depression that is created due to mental illness.

Coffin and snake: These cards are often associated with a physician of some kind. It may also mean that there are some heavy problems on the way.

Coffin and bouquet: This combination creates the contrast of full recovery or a funeral in which death is present.

Coffin and scythe: This combination states that a sacrifice may need to occur due to an accident.

Coffin and whip: This combination symbolizes the violence and destruction that is caused due to physical attack.

Coffin and birds: This card set emulates a sad conversation which must take place in order to move forward.

Coffin and child: This combination symbolizes either a destructive and troublesome child or a child who carries an illness of some kind.

Coffin and fox: This combination provides that an end may be near, such as the loss of a job.

Coffin and bear: This combination produces the vision of inheritance of some kind and a financial turnaround. It may insinuate that there is an ill mother figure or care provider.

Coffin and stars: This combination produces the feeling of reason and hope. It provides that an uplifting transformation is going to take place in one’s life.

Coffin and stork: This combination emulates the change in letting go. It may mean a negative change that is inevitable, or it may mean that there is no change, producing more negative consequences.

Coffin and dog: This combination stands for the change in friendship. It may mean that either a friend is in need or help or that they are unreliable and cannot be held secure.

Coffin and tower: This combination presents trouble and failure in dealings with authority which may lead to imprisonment at worst.

Coffin and garden: This combination symbolizes a cemetery. It may induce that an important event is going to get cancelled.

Coffin and mountain: This combination instigates a mental roadblock. It may induce isolation and the feeling of being stuck.

Coffin and crossroad: This combo set describes a new direction in the variables of life.

Coffin and mice: While this set may stimulate depression, it may also mean the end of worry is near.

Coffin and heart: This combination symbolizes heartache and the grief that comes with it.

Coffin and ring: This combo describes the completion and new beginnings. It may mark the end of a relationship or contract of some kind.

Coffin and book: This combination means that a secret may be exposed.

Coffin and letter: These cards bring upon a negative message in which a cancellation will take place.

Coffin and man: This combination describes an ill and depressed man.

Coffin and woman: This combination describes an ill and augmentive woman.

Coffin and lily: This card set describes old life and being sexless due to the circumstances.

Coffin and sun: These cards emulates the success that will be given to you in the end.

Coffin and moon: This combo contributes to emotional distress and grief.

Coffin and key: Circumstances will end soon and everything will improve.

Coffin and fish: This combination symbolizes a funeral business. It may entail that there will be a deflation of money.

Coffin and anchor: This combination produces longing and insecurity.

Coffin and cross: This combination symbolizes negative attributes such as pain, sadness, and grief.

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