Cross Card

The physical cross is symbolic as it means a certain responsibility that one has no say in but must willingly accept. The cross has been an ancient symbol of capital punishment; with special reference to the Roman Era where a convict is crucified on a crucifix they are to bear themselves.

The Cross Card epitomizes difficulties, problems, challenges. Name it. More often than not, it is not a situation that one might solely get oneself rid of because it may have been self-induced.


The Cross Card may mean betrayal in love or the agonies of love. It may also mean that the relationship is not destined for the aisle. It may also mean an ill-fated union, a star-crossed affair.


The Cross Card may infer a highly demanding job or task. It may also infer a time-wasting, little-yielding kind of work where all one does is work round the clock but still discover oneself to be underappreciated but constantly overused.


Since the Cross Card appears to be inauspicious, it may mean an attempt to salvage an already worsened situation to safe face.


The Cross Card may infer cancelation or termination of an expectation. Candidly speaking, the Cross Card is not a positive card to draw from the deck.

All in all, there is a gloom that surrounds the Cross Card.

Cross Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Cross and rider: This combination stands for helpful service that is on the way to help with your struggles. A destined visitor will come in to your life to help guide you.

Cross and clover: This dual combo submits that your life will find many improvements in the coming future. Hope is on the way.

Cross and ship: This set states that a difficult journey lies ahead of you in your future; a fated trip.

Cross and house: The cross and house create the structure of a destined house, such as a church, mosque, temple, or synagogue.

Cross and tree: This combination of cards states that health concerns may fall upon you, such as a backache.

Cross and clouds: Guilt and depression may occur after a series of events.

Cross and snake: This composite symbolizes the burdened woman. Lack of control may take a stance in your life.

Cross and coffin: This combination situates itself on an incoming spiritual transformation through depression and grief.

Cross and bouquet: Improvement and relief is about to take place in one’s life. A happy destiny is on the way.

Cross and scythe: This merge stands for sudden pain or accident that may take control of one’s life.

Cross and whip: Unavoidable conflict and physical abuse is likely in your life with this combination.

Cross and birds: This combo stands for a difficult conversation that needs to occur that you have been avoiding. Possible counseling is likely.

Cross and child: This combination stands for a spiritual child who knows the way. It also may mean that a baptism or painful child birth is going to occur.

Cross and fox: This set of cards means that a difficult job is likely in your future. It also may mean that addiction may cause many struggles.

Cross and bear: A powerful ally may come to help you in your need. You also may lose a majority of your finances.

Cross and star: Prayer and fate will determine your destiny.

Cross and stork: This combination stands for improvement that is likely to occur in your life. A destined change is going to happen.

Cross and dog: This set stands for a counselor who will enter your life as someone to talk to. You also may receive help from a friend.

Cross and tower: These cards together stand for a religious or spiritual center that is going come into your life. There also may be legal burdens or problems with the government.

Cross and garden:  A support network may come into your life to help stabilize your being with a fated meeting. You also may find yourself visiting a cemetery.

Cross and mountain: The combination stands for the loneliness that may be hard to endure. Suicidal thoughts are also likely.

Cross and crossroad: A painful parting between someone you care about may take place soon. You are going to have to make a difficult decision.

Cross and mice: Depression, an emotional breakdown, and suicidal thoughts are likely with this combination.

Cross and heart: While this card set stands for heartache, a destined love may enter your life soon.

Cross and ring: This combination stands for a difficult commitment you had to endure with someone. Remorse may occur over the painful relationship.

Cross and book: This combination stands for religious documents, such as the Bible or the Koran. You also may be having a hard time keeping a secret private.

Cross and letter: Difficult and bad news is coming your way in a destined message.

Cross and man: This dualistic set symbolized a religious man. It also may mean that you are feeling guilty about something and depression because of it.

Cross and woman: This combo stands for a spiritual woman. It also means tired and in pain.

Cross and lily: Old age is associated with this set with pains and sexual dysfunction that come along with it.

Cross and sun: Destined success is going to enter your life soon. You will feel much relief because of it.

Cross and mood: Fated recognition and self-sacrifice are needed to occur to advance.

Cross and key: This combination stands for destiny.

Cross and fish: This card set symbolizes a non-profit organization or a spiritual business with difficult financial burdens.

Cross and anchor: This combination stands for destined and challenging work that is going to enter your life. You may feel regret because of it.


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