Crossroads Card

The Crossroads Card notifies you that you are the ultimate decider of whatever happens in your life. It reveals to one that one cannot run away from those difficult choices in life. It is all about striving to ensure that everything falls into place because one is basically confused here.


Regarding love, it is a very decisive moment where one has to decide whether one has got to one’s final destination or one has to step on the throttle and pedal on for better choices. It is that moment in one’s life where one is left with no alternative but to make a decision, an almost indelible decision.


The Crossroads Card may mean a duplicity of alternatives. It may infer that you have a wide-range of work choices to choose from.


The Crossroads Card may infer that you have different income routes. It may also infer that you should be careful of the choices you make.


When one pulls a Crossroads Card, it simply means one is at a defining moment of one’s career, marriage, academics, relationship etc. and one has to be very careful to make a wrong choice.

Crossroad Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Crossroad and rider: This means that you may receive a message that affects your judgment on something.

Crossroad and clover: This combination means that you choose the fortunate path and make a lucky decision.

Crossroad and ship: There may be multiple travel options you will need to decide between.

Crossroad and house: This combo describes a member’s decision where it affects their whole family.

Crossroad and tree: This combination describes one’s own spiritual journey. It may entail a decision about one’s health.

Crossroad and clouds: You may need to make an uncertain decision with no clear outcome.

Crossroad and snake: This combination may entail difficult choices are coming your way.

Crossroad and coffin:  This card set entices that there will be a negative outcome to the fruit of your results. There are no more options left.

Crossroad and bouquet: A positive outcome is on the way.

Crossroad and scythe: This may mean that a problematic decision leads to an accident.

Crossroad and whip: This combination describes a difficult decision due to stigma.

Crossroad and birds: There will be a need to make multiple decisions.

Crossroad and child: This combination describes twins or siblings.

Crossroad and fox: This combination may describe part-time work. You may need to make a work-related decision.

Crossroad and bear: This card set describes multiple sources of income. It may mean that a decision you will make will affect finances.

Crossroad and star: This combination represents a great outcome due to a leader.

Crossroad and stork: This combination means movement. It may mean that you made a decision which led to progress.

Crossroad and dog: This may entail you will need to make a decision about a close friend.

Crossroad and tower: This combo describes a legal decision that will need to be made.

Crossroad and garden: This combination may entail multiple parties.

Crossroad and mountain: This combination may describe delayed action that makes no results.

Crossroad and mice: This combination expresses itself as exhaustion and stress.

Crossroad and heart: This combo makes up two partners who are not committed to one another.

Crossroad and ring: This card set expresses agreement and harmony between dualistic sides.

Crossroad and book: This combination describes a discovery that is going to be made.

Crossroad and letter: This combo insists that a decision will bring about long awaited news.

Crossroad and man: This combination describes a hesitant, uncommitted man.

Crossroad and woman: This combination makes up an uncertain, unsettled woman.

Crossroad and lily: This combo means that there will be decisions that will create peace.

Crossroad and sun: This combination entails that you will make the right choice and there will be a successful outcome.

Crossroad and moon: You will need to make an emotional decision that will root successful results.

Crossroad and key: You will make an important decision that will lead to destiny.

Crossroad and fish: This combination often describes trade between multiple businesses.

Crossroad and anchor: You will make a decision that will bring you stability and confidence.

Crossroad and cross: You will need to make a difficult choice that will lead to destiny.

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