Dog Card

The Tarot Dog itself is a domesticated animal. The truth is the dog’s importance cannot be overemphasized. From waiting for you at the front door after school to bringing you the newspaper every morning, the positive energy and love that dogs have given to man appear infinite. The dog is not an animal that would betray you, they are with you through it all; be it the good times or the bad times.

The Dog Lenormand Card represents trust, reliability, loyalty, love, devotion, care, family or close relations with someone else. It also infers familiarity.


For love, the Dog Card infers a balanced companionship, a reciprocated love, you understand your lover and they understand you too. You share an inextricable bond with them. The Dog Card represents a one-of-a-kind relationship. A kind of love that you have for someone you cannot live without for their importance in your life is unquantifiable. The Dog Card can mean a helpmeet, an individual you treat with adequate respect, one on whom you rely for a lot of things in your life.


The Dog Tarot Card can mean a conducive and friendly atmosphere in your workplace. It could suggest that you have loving colleagues, understanding employers and a much more interpersonal relationship with your fellow workers.


The Dog Card may infer that a business you have recently ventured in is going to be very productive, beyond your wildest dreams. It can also mean that your finances are safe and your economic status is not threatened.


The Dog Card means protection or security in any way or form that one needs it. After all, that is one of the main functions of the dog. Dogs have been used to pull sleighs, so it can also mean a form of transportation depending on one’s locality.

Dog Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Dog and rider: This combination stands for a new friendship being made.

Dog and clover: This combo relates to a friend who is very helpful.

Dog and ship: This combination describes a friend coming to visit or traveling with a friend.

Dog and house: This combination describes a pet to the household home. It may also describe a neighbor or friend to the family.

Dog and tree: This combo describes an ill friend who has to visit a doctor.

Dog and clouds: This combination stands for an uncertain and disloyal friendship.

Dog and snake: This combination describes a dishonest friend who may backstab.

Dog and coffin: This may entail the ending of a friendship.

Dog and bouquet: This combination describes a great and close friendship.

Dog and scythe: This combination describes someone close to you making a decision that may end the friendship.

Dog and whip: This combination may entail fighting and argumenting with a friend.

Dog and birds: This combination describes socializing and conversing with friends.

Dog and child: This combo describes school friendship and adolescent classmates.

Dog and fox: This combination stands for a deceptive and fraudulent friend.

Dog and bear: This combination stands for a financial advisor or a powerful friend with money.

Dog and star: This combination describes a famous friend.

Dog and stork: There may be changes in a friendship or close relationship.

Dog and tower: This combination describes a private and lonely friend.

Dog and garden: This card set stands for networking and making new friends through social situations.

Dog and mountain: There may be trouble and problems in a friendship and create distance.

Dog and crossroad: This combination describes someone facing a decision.

Dog and mice: This may contribute to the loss of a friend or a strenuous situation between a close relationship.

Dog and heart: This combination stands for a friend becoming a significant other.

Dog and ring: This combination describes the loyalty and commitment in a relationship.

Dog and book: This combination describes an introverted person who has a secret.

Dog and letter: This combo may mean you will receive news from or about a friend.

Dog and man: This combination symbolizes a companion.

Dog and woman: This combination describes a woman who is loyal and trusting.

Dog and lily: This combination describes a friendship that may lead to benefits.

Dog and sun: This combination describes having a strong friend-base.

Dog and moon: This combo describes an artistic friend.

Dog and key: This combo describes an important and great friend.

Dog and fish: This combo instigates that you may receive a new business partner or rich friend.

Dog and anchor: This combination stands for a long-term friendship.

Dog and cross: This combination provides a friend who is there for you during tough situations.

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