Fish Card

The fish is an aquatic animal that never seems to run out of water, food or most importantly air. The Fish Card not only suggests that one has survived, it also means that one has come out on top with enviable successes. The Fish Card symbolizes affluence and wealth.


You love your freedom and you exercise it and your spouse does not raise an eyebrow about it. There is an unspoken bond between you and your lover and you both find it difficult to hurt each other. You are jovial and you enjoy your relationship.


The Fish Card may infer that you are the type that loves an independent work nature. Hence, you might have ventured into self-employment based activities. Yes, it may not be gainful at first but the latter end erodes on any previous suffering that one may have been subjected to.


The Fish Card may infer that the reach of your influence and wealth is almost immeasurable. You touch lives and connect with people when you are most needed. You are a human of a large heart.


The Fish Card is much concerned about our basest relationship with Mother Nature. This is because it upholds that one should remain calm and cool always. It may also infer that one is very spiritual in one’s engagements.

Fish Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Fish and rider: This combination stands for a new financial opportunity or business news that is going to enter your life. With it, a new employee or employment may occur.

Fish and clover: You are going to receive financial luck. You will gain a good business partner to help you with the assets.

Fish and ship: A fishing trip may occur. This set also stands for international business and using money from afar.

Fish and house: This combination stands for home business and a wealthy family that sustains.

Fish and tree: This set symbolized strong business built upon old money foundations. It also may stand for alcoholism.

Fish and clouds: This combo stands for financial uncertainty.

Fish and snake: This combination symbolized a wealthy woman. It also may mean business problems are on the way with financial concerns.

Fish and coffin: This merge means that a hangover may be coming your way. It also may stand for bankruptcy or a huge financial loss.

Fish and bouquet: You may be receiving an inheritance or a gift of money.

Fish and scythe: There may be a big business decision coming into your life that you need to take care of. There is also a chance of a layoff.

Fish and whip: This combo set stands for upcoming financial arguments that may come into play in your life. Business conflict is also likely.

Fish and birds: These cards symbolizes two business partners coming together for financial discussions. It also stands for two sources of income.

Fish and child: A new employee or subsidiary may be entering your workplace.

Fish and fox: This combination stands for fraudulent activities performed by businesses in order to falsify their financial statements.

Fish and bear: This set symbolizes a seafood restaurant. Stable money and a lot of money may start coming into your life.

Fish and star: This merge set symbolizes well-known and prevalent business, often by being innovative. It also may mean financial success is headed your way.

Fish and stork: Business growth or expansion may be coming into your life. You may receive an acquisition of business.

Fish and dog: A wealthy friend or business partner may be coming into your life soon.

Fish and tower: This card set symbolizes a bank, a safe or financial reserves for saving money.

Fish and garden: This combo stands for customers and fundraising.

Fish and mountain: This combination stands for money that may be delayed entering your life or stagnant business which develops it.

Fish and crossroad: This set stands for a huge financial or business decision that you will need to make.

Fish and mice: Financial problems and business loss may come into your life. There will be reductions to the income.

Fish and heart: These cards symbolize great love and a soulmate connection. It also stands for the love of money and work.

Fish and ring: This combination stands for marriage of convenience. A business contract or spiritual connection may be coming into your life.

Fish and book: This set symbolizes accounting books. There may be an unknown source of income coming into your life.

Fish and letter: This combo symbolizes a fishing permit. There may be financial news entering your life, and you may have to obtain a business license.

Fish and man: This combination symbolizes the wealthy, independent businessman.

Fish and woman: This combination symbolizes the wealthy, materialistic woman.

Fish and lily: This combination symbolizes an established business.

Fish and sun: Radical financial or business success may be entering your life soon.

Fish and mood: This combination stands for your business dream which is going to come true. You will gain true financial creativity.

Fish and key: This set symbolizes important business. You may be receiving huge financial success.

Fish and anchor: This card combo symbolized established business. You will be receiving long-term income.

Fish and cross: This combination stands for financial burdens and difficult business. It may also symbolize religious organization.


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