Fox Card

The Fox Tarot Card is a cursory of smartness or craftiness. It often depicts a person who gets themselves almost out of every seemingly bad situation with their brains. For the Fox Card, it is not about selfishness, it is more about the concept of ‘Survival of the Fittest’. It is innate for one to strive to fend for oneself and those around one. A simple fact; a foxy person is one whose shrewdness helps them out of any awry position, irrespective of how precarious such may be.


For many, the Fox Lenormand Card might appear as deceptive or untrustworthy. Do not hastily make that assumption.  The Fox Card can mean selfless love for one’s family, especially one’s immediate family. It may mean one is capable of weathering the most unfavorable of storms just so one may fend for those dear to one. It may also mean that one should not let one’s guard down with a stranger.


The Fox Card may infer extra caution wherever one is based. It also infers that one needs to be (pro)-active at one’s place of work. The Fox Card may also infer resourcefulness. Herein, it does necessarily mean that a person who draws this card is endangered; it may mean that the person is only surrounded by individuals who do not desire to see him succeed because they do not like his work ethics.  The Fox Card also may depict that one should be much vigilant especially in an unfamiliar territory.


The Fox Lenormand Card suggests that one needs to be watchful of the businesses into which one ventures. It may suggest that one should caution one’s desire to be a jack-of-all-trades but master of none.


The Fox Card generally informs one to be very cautious. It behooves one to avoid being too or easily trusting if one’s card is the Fox. It may also mean that one is resourceful; one finds the best in every situation even when others have given up.

Fox Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Fox and rider: You may be receiving a new notification of employment.

Fox and clover: This combination may entail that there will be luck at work, a possible promotion.

Fox and ship: This combination may provide that there will business travel, but problems will persist.

Fox and house: There may be problems within the home, whether it be because of a family member or problems with the house.

Fox and tree: This combination explains that there may have been a misdiagnosis on one of your problems.

Fox and clouds: This combination stands for job uncertainty or a disloyal employee.

Fox and snake: This combination ensures that there may be danger, and definite deception. A lie may escalate; the end of a jor or career.

Fox and coffin: This combination may entail a termination in employment, if not a resignation.

Fox and bouquet: This combo describes and fun and enjoyable job, usually associated with the beauty.

Fox and scythe: This combination describes a work-related accident or procedure. It may also entail a termination in one’s job.

Fox and whip: Problems may be caused due to a life or underhanded motives. This combination may also produce violence in the workplace.

Fox and birds: You may overhear a dishonest conversation, especially in a work-related matter.

Fox and child: This combination entails that a new job may be underway. This may also symbolize a cunning child.

Fox and bear: This combination stands for a boss-figure. It may insinuate shrewdness with money that leads to financial problems.

Fox and stars: There may be a promotion ahead of you. This may also explain a job in the aerospace industry, such a NASA.

Fox and stork: A change in going to take place due to curiosity.

Fox and dog: This combination symbolizes a dishonest friend.

Fox and tower: There will be old secrets that may be brought up again in present times.

Fox and garden: This combination has to do with working with the public. It may imply that there was a fraud of some sort.

Fox and mountain: This combination entellus that there may be problems of deceit on the job which may also lead to unemployment.

Fox and crossroad: This combination entails that you or someone close to you will need to make a smart and shrewd decision soon.

Fox and mice: This may mean stress on the job or a possible job loss.

Fox and heart: This combination emulates an enjoyable job. It may also predict a sudden affair in the workplace.

Fox and ring: There may be deceit in a relationship or job prospect.

Fox and book: This represents an accountant or librarian. It may also mean that a speculation may be brought forward.

Fox and letter: This combination stands for a fake and fraudulent message that you may receive which may confuse toy.

Fox and man: This combination symbolizes a redheaded workaholic. He may often be deceptive.

Fox and woman: This combination represents a smart woman, who may also be prone to cheat to get where she wants.

Fox and lily: This combination represents an older career.

Fox and sun: This combination shows success being won.

Fox and moon: This combination represents psychic abilities with emotional discernity.

Fox and key: This combination represents importance, mostly associated with the workplace.

Fox and fish: This combination may entail a fraud financially. It also symbolizes fishermen.

Fox and anchor: This combo provides that there may have been a long period of deception.

Fox and cross: This combination stands for lies that have been ongoing, which are beginning to cause many problems.

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