Garden Card

The Garden Lenormand Card may infer an accommodating space, a form of getaway, a conducive environment where an individual can relax and entertain themselves including their friends. It may also mean that you are regarded famous and treated with much respect and admiration by all and sundry.

The Garden Card infers a connection that one shares with nature, its forces and the cosmos generally. It upholds that togetherness, love; bonding, usually with old friends is very important. The Garden Card suggests that one should find time to relax, break away from work and other energy-sapping activities just to enjoy life in its crudest sense for a while.

When one thinks ‘garden’, one imagines a serene, colorful, welcoming environment that is filled with a fragrance of happiness and freedom.


The Garden Tarot Card may mean that you are caught in between different choices of emotional relationships. You may have a deep emotional attachment for someone but you may have not have defined if you unreservedly loves them. You may be thinking if what you feel is love, infatuation, like, lust or just a surge of spontaneous emotions.


The Garden Card shows you are a human of connection; you are able to siphon other people’s strengths and divert it into things that can help you and everyone around you grow. You are able to adjust, shift grounds and get that desired result from any person. It may also infer that you can work successfully work with anyone insofar as they are humans.


The Garden Lenormand Card may mean that you are a human of deep pockets. You are affluent and you are highly sought after for assistance.  The Garden Card may mean you enjoy giving in secrecy. You are a philanthropist but you do not like taking credit for things you are directly responsible for.


Drawing this card out of the Lenormand Cards should make one’s body, spirit and soul relax in every sense. This is so because a garden, asides the healthy lifestyle it may portend, may also be an environment where an individual shelves their work and stress life and takes on recreation.

Garden Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Garden and rider: This combination stands for the meeting of someone new.

Garden and clover: This combination stands for having fun at a party or with a group of people

Garden and ship: This combination may imply a cruise or party ship.

Garden and house: This combination stands for a house party.

Garden and tree: This set focuses on health-focuses establishments, such as hospitals, holistic centers, or a spa.

Garden and clouds: This combination may entail troubles with guests, such as a riot. There may be problems that are going to occur at an event.

Garden and snake: This combination may entail that there will be a disturbance of some kind.

Garden and coffin: This combo provides that an event will be canceled or an ending to a domain.

Garden and bouquet: This combination provides a popular event and a good meeting of people.

Garden and scythe: This card set describes a group conversation leading to a mutual decision.

Garden and whip: This combination describes a public argument or debate.

Garden and birds: This combination stands for a public gathering where a meeting, concert or speech will be held.

Garden and child: This combination describes an event place for the young, such as a playground.

Garden and fox: This combination describes problems with a meeting and your co-workers.

Garden and bear: This combination symbolizes a group lottery.

Garden and star: This card set may entail success in the public eye. It may also describe a support group or motivation seminar where effort succumbs.

Garden and stork: This combination entails changes and growth within the eye of others.

Garden and dog: This duo creates the image of a great and popular friend.

Garden and tower: This combination describes a public building within a society of people.

Garden and mountain: This combination may entail that there are problems with a public events, such as a cancelation.

Garden and crossroad: This combination describes a public decision. It may also mean walking through nature.

Garden and mice: This may be public speculation and stress. It may also mean the cancelation of an event.

Garden and heart: This combination may mean that you will meet a new romantic partner soon. It may also describe an engagement party with the people that are closest with you.

Garden and ring: This combination may proclaim an engagement or wedding.

Garden and book: This combination describes a public place with students, such as a school or library.

Garden and letter: This combination symbolizes an invitation to an event.

Garden and man: This combination describes a man in the public eye, possibly a playboy.

Garden and woman: This combination describes a socialite and popular woman.

Garden and lily: This combination may entail a meeting with an older man. It may also describe public wisdom and a meditation center.

Garden and sun: This combination describes success and the fame that comes with it.

Garden and moon: This combination describes a celebrity-like figure. It may also provide an art or fashion show.

Garden and key: This combination entails success in the public eye.

Garden and fish: This combo may describe a bank or union-type corporation.

Garden and anchor: This combination stands for stability and balance.

Garden and cross: This combination symbolizes prayer, healing, and therapy.

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