Heart Card

The Heart Lenormand Card simply encompasses love in all its differing definitions. However, it does not necessarily have to romance. It could be a love for a field, one’s work; it could be love for a member of one’s family; be it one’s children, one’s spouse, a friend etc.


The Heart Tarot Card may infer a newly found love. It could also mean you are a person who loves caring for others. You are altruistic in every ramification.  The Heart Card also implies a budding union. Both of you are genuinely in love with each other and you would literally do anything for each other. You share so much passion that nothing can come between you two.


The Heart Card may imply that you are in good terms with your fellow employees at your place of work or that you have a good working relationship with your boss. It may also infer that you are engaged in what your heart truly loves doing. Thus, your passion and time as well as other resources are pumped into your work.


The Heart Card may infer that you have a buoyant financial status. Things are bubbling and there is no cause for alarm. It may also infer that you have given yourself over to finance positively the lives of young people or displaced children. In short, it may mean that you are humanitarian.


Truly, where your treasure is, is where your heart lies. This means you are not being forced to do anything insofar as your heart is in it. You are committed to a cause. You give your all to it. If it is business, you see it to fruition. If it is love, you show it accordingly and you expect it in return as well.

Heart Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Heart and rider: You may meet a new potential love interest.

Heart and clover: This contributes to being happily in love.

Heart and ship: This combination stands for being in a long-distance relationship with your partner. It may also symbolize a honeymoon or romantic trip.

Heart and house: This combo describes a happy and supportive family.

Heart and trees: This combination may entail problems with the heart.

Heart and clouds: This combination may entail cheating within a relationship. You may also just be uncertain about a love interest.

Heart and snake: This combination contributes to cheating, having an affair, lying, and jealousy within a relationship.

Heart and coffin: There may be heartache due to the end of a relationship.

Heart and bouquet: This combination represents great love within a happy relationship.

Heart and scythe: You will need to make a decision about your love life which may lead to break-up or heartache.

Heart and whip: This combination symbolizes passionate sex.

Heart and birds: This combo exemplifies a romantic coupling.

Heart and child: This combination may describe puppy love or a high school sweetheart.

Heart and fox: This combination may entail a passionate job. It may also mean dishonesty between someone close to you.

Heart and bear: This combination describes a lover who brings security, yet they may be overbearing.

Heart and star: This combination describes getting the person of your dreams as a partner.

Heart and stork: This combination may entail a change of heart about a certain relationship.

Heart and dog: This combination describes a soul mate or best friend.

Heart and tower: This may entail a hopeless romantic who is lonely in life.

Heart and garden: This combination represents the player with multiple partners, who isn’t afraid to show off.

Heart and mountain: This combination may stand for a bitter heart and a lack of effort in a relationship.

Heart and crossroad: This combination may entail multiple partners. It may also introduce separation between two partners.

Heart and mice: There may be loss of love and heartache that follows.

Heart and ring: This combination contributes to a marriage or a long-lasting relationship.

Heart and book: You may have a secret love that leads into an affair.

Heart and letter: This combo may symbolize a love letter or a message from a lover.

Heart and man: This combination describes the loving and generous man.

Heart and woman: This combination describes a loving and gentle woman.

Heart and lily: This combination is usually associated with an older lover. It may also instigate passion in one’s sex life.

Heart and sun: This combination represents a successful relationship due to passion.

Heart and moon: This combination stands for deep love within the heights of a relationship.

Heart and key: This combination stands for having a significant lover.

Heart and fish: This combination discusses the love of money. It may also exemplify spiritual love.

Heart and anchor: This combination describes commitment due to a long-term relationship.

Heart and cross: This combination contributes to a painful love due to insecurity. It may lead to heartache.

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