House Card

The House Tarot Card depicts comfort or warmth; a sense of belongingness. The House Card depicts a comfort zone, a contentment that the heart has sought for a long time. It can also mean a real house, an abode, a place where you find your rest and lay your head. It may be anywhere or anything in that an individual finds relief, rest and peace of mind.


The House Lenormand Card implies that your relationship is safe and secure. You experience the goodies that you are entitled to in your relationship for you and your spouse find solace in each other. You do not want to be far from your family lest you become homesick.


The House Card can mean a kind of job where you find solace. It may mean a form of activity that makes you feel at home. You prefer things that make you comfortable and relaxed, contrary to stressful engagements.

The House Card may also mean that you work from home or your business-line is home-based.


For you, the House Lenormand Card signals that your finances for a particular timeframe are stable. They are improving at a steady pace and consequently, positively affect your status in the society.


The House Card itself signifies a form of household activity or the process of being involved with the members of your family. The House Card suggests that you should relate with anyone in tandem with the need to be accommodating. It may also mean family.

House Tarot Card reading – Combinations

House and rider: This combination of cards provides that news about a house, or coming to a house, is on the way. A visitor is likely.

House and clover: This combo symbolizes luck and a positive household.

House and ship: A journey back home is likely to occur. This set may also mean that your residence is going to be changing.

House and tree: This card set often means that a house needs repairs. It may also provide a house near trees or a tree house, itself.

House and clouds: This combination often means problems at home. It may also mean uncertainty about a particular house.

House and snake: This combo stands for a house or home that is having problems. It may mean that trouble is escalating inside, or that the house is in need of repairs.

House and coffin: These cards together emulate emptiness. It may mean that the house is empty or that it is going to be sold due to moving. It may also mean that a family death is inevitable.

House and bouquet: This combination stands for a happy house. It may mean that a party is going to take place soon.

House and scythe: This combination expresses itself as separation. It may instigate a sale of a house, or a home indeed of a lot of reparation.

House and whip: Domestic violence or arguments at home may be in succession through these cards.

House and birds: This combination provides that multiple people will be in the house (either roommates or guests), and that there may be problems at home.

House and child: This card set provides that a new house may be apparent in the coming future. It may also symbolize a family with children.

House and fox:  This combination means that one should be careful in accommodating a house. It may also mean that a home robbery may take place.

House and bear: This combo set may provide that a real estate investment is going to take place, whether it is because of buying a house or expansion.

House and stars: This combination symbolizes the good lifestyle in terms of your home. It may provide a lucky house or a dream home.

House and stork: These cards intertwined means speculates change in the home. It may mean that you are going to change residence or remodel your home.

House and dog: This combination symbolizes other people in your immediate life, such as roommates, pets, neighbors, or tenants.

House and tower: This set bounds the instigation of abundant shelter, whether is through an apartment building, big house, or a large company.

House and garden: This combination provides shelter with lots of people, usually determined as a hotel, public house, or home with a large family. It also may mean a house with a garden.

House and mountain: The result of these cards often means that there are or will be problems purchasing a home. It may also provide a home is going to be in the mountains.

House and crossroad: You will most likely need to make a decision about a house soon. These cards may also entail two houses.

House and mice: These cards together often accumulate stress. It may mean that you will either lose your house, or that there will be much damage to the assets.

House and heart: This combination of cards stands for love in your home life, whether that be through family or your house.

House and ring: This set primarily symbolizes a real estate contract in the forms of a lease or sale of a house.

House and book: Intuitively, these cards are often associated with a library. However, it may also mean a secret about a house or a home you haven’t seen or been to yet.

House and letter: This combo contributes to a property title or real estate contract. You may either need to sign a contract or receive a message about a promising house.

House and man: This combination symbolizes a home owner, landlord, or realtor. The man is often a homebody, yet he is stable.

House and woman: This combination symbolizes a home owner, landlord, or realtor. The woman is often a homebody, yet she is stable.

House and lily: This combo symbolizes an aging home or old house.

House and sun: This combo symbolizes success in the home.

House and moon: This combination stands for a popular house, meaning that a dream house may be coming to your life.

House and key: This set provides the symbolism of an important or new house. It provides that there will be success at home.

House and fish: These cards make up the vision of real estate agencies or home-based business. You will most likely bring financial success into the home.

House and anchor: This combination provides that you will bring upon long-term security or engage in commitment to family.

House and cross: These cards together often symbolize a church, It may also mean that the property is going to become distressed or worn-down.

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