Key Card

Face it or not, a key is very integral for anything that one wants to do in life. For instance, without a key, one is denied entrance into a place one had bought or rented! Whenever one draws the Key Card, it is an indication that one is destined to succeed irrespective of the underlying factors that may impede such success story.


The Key Lenormand Card infers that you are each other’s strength and weakness. One cannot hurt either of you without going through the other spouse. You both literally and deeply hold the key to each other’s hearts. There may be arguments but the relationship bounces back every time, in fact stronger; it does with so much vitality and rebirth.


The Key Tarot Card suggests that you are very important at your place of work. They revere you and hold you in high esteem. You are responsible for so many decisions that affect other people’s wellbeing.


You are an embodiment of success.  It may also mean that you are well linked to the necessary people who can always lift you out of the mud of lack and penury.


The Key Card tells one that one is on the right path and an individual is good doing whatever it is they are doing. The Key Card shows one that one has different possibilities and chances of success and greatness inasmuch as one commits to what one is doing.

Key Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Key and rider: This combination stands for an important visitor is going to come into your life to give an important message. New information will be known.

Key and clover: This set stands for luck. Life is positive and everything that is supposed to happen is going to happen.

Key and ship: This combo stands for successful travels coming your way with important business.

Key and house: The combination symbolizes an important family. It literally stands for the key to the house.

Key and tree: This card set stands for health improvements that you will be much needed in your life.

Key and clouds: This combination stands for interference. You will have much needed clarity about the situations at hand.

Key and snake: This combination symbolizes an important woman. There may be danger on the way, and you will need to act wisely.

Key and coffin: This card set means that an illness may be coming to your life. An important transformation is going to take place.

Key and bouquet: This combo symbolizes happiness and good times.

Key and scythe: This merge means that you will need to make an important decision soon and you should be careful in your judgments.

Key and whip: This card set stands for important actions that are coming your way. You may embrace in either a significant conversation or an important competition.

Key and birds: This combination symbolizes a power couple. It also means that you may be receiving an important phone call soon.

Key and child: This combination symbolizes a spiritual child. New beginnings are going to occur.

Key and fox: This set focuses on the idea of an important job. You may need to be crafty to bring to development.

Key and bear: Financial gain will mostly take place in your life if you take charge.

Key and star: This combination symbolizes success and respect with the important recognition that comes with it.

Key and stork: This combination means that you will be expecting both necessary and significant change.

Key and dog: This combo stands for an important friend that may enter your life soon. Him or her will give much needed assistance.

Key and tower: This set states that success with the authorities is going to happy. It also symbolizes an important company.

Key and garden: This mesh symbolizes a significant network. Something of value to you may be becoming public.

Key and mountain: There will be necessary delays coming to your life. You may need to take the time for a spiritual retreat.

Key and crossroad: A big decision will need to be made by you.

Key and mice: This set stands for being vigilant and bewaring for loss or damage.

Key and heart: This combo stands for a significant love interest that you may have. It may be time to express your affection.

Key and ring: This combination stands for staying on your path. You need to keep both your necessary commitments and your word.

Key and book: This combo symbolizes spiritual studies. A secret may be revealed soon.

Key and letter: This combination stands for required news. An important message is coming your way.

Key and man: This merge of cards means that a significant and dependable man will be entering your life soon.

Key and woman: A very safe, secure, and important woman will be entering your life soon.

Key and lily: This card set symbolizes an older man. It is your job to remain calm.

Key and sun: Success will is coming to you. You have what it takes to reach your goals.

Key and moon: This combination sets the standard of psychic dreams you may have to give a glimpse of your future. Success is on the way.

Key and fish: You may need money soon for something big. Be alert.

Key and anchor: This combination symbolizes an important safe haven. You are capable of reaching your goals.

Key and cross: To reach your destiny, you much sacrifice everything you have.

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