Letter Card

The Letter Tarot Card may mean a sort of message or information meant for someone.  It may be in the form of a report that you have been anxious about for a while. The Letter Card also may mean any official document or material that is very important and needed for a specific purpose.


The Letter Lenormand Card may mean that you are secretly involved with someone. It may also mean that you have a friend who receives missives from you from time to time, a somewhat pen pal. It may also mean that you are in accord with your lover and you reach out to each other frequently.


The Letter Tarot Card may infer that you are the official type. You tackle situations with formality. You are decorous in every perspective of your life. You operate by the book and expect that everyone does that too.


The Letter Card may imply that you make your living from writing letters or from broadcasting. It may man you fend for yourself using the media. It may also mean you make your money from dealing with letters or words.


The Letter Card may also mean that you are a good orator. It may also mean that you easily reach a lot of people because of your interpersonal communication skills. The Letter Card also infers that you have a way with words, either as a speaker or as a writer.

Letter Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Letter and rider: This combination entails that information, news, or a message is on its way.

Letter and clover: Good news is on the way. This combination also represents good luck within lotto or raffle tickets.

Letter and ship: There may come to you information from overseas.

Letter and house: You may receive information about a house or receive documents related to a property sale.

Letter and tree: This combination represents health and medical written material, such as a prescription or health insurance.

Letter and clouds: This combination entails that you may receive confusing information that leads to a unpredictable outcome.

Letter and snake: This combination means that you will be receiving beds news or a deceitful message.

Letter and coffin: This set contributes to getting rid of documents, notes, and letters. It may entail that bad news is coming.

Letter and bouquet: This combination means that you will receive good news in the form of helpful information or an invitation.

Letter and scythe: This combination means that there is no message.

Letter and whip: This combination stands for a sexual or aggressive message. It may also symbolize someone’s signature.

Letter and birds: This combination insists that there will be messages covering a lot of information.

Letter and child: This combination may entail a birth announcement or a short letter.

Letter and fox: This card set may entail that you will receive a job offer.

Letter and bear: This duo means that you will receive a message about finance (invoice, check, etc.). It may also mean you will get a message about a motherly figure.

Letter and star: This combination represents a positive email, usually associated with e-mail.

Letter and stork: This card set represents an update of some kind that brings about change.

Letter and dog: This may represent a pen pal or close friend who sends messages.

Letter and tower: This combination may represent a legal document or letter given to you by the law or government.

Letter and garden: This card set may represent a message sent in mass, such as an invitation or newsletter.

Letter and mountain: This combination may entail either delayed message or no message at all.

Letter and crossroad: You may receive a message about a decision you will need to make.

Letter and mice: This combination may represent a lost and forgotten message.

Letter and heart: This combination symbolizes a love letter from a romantic partner.

Letter and ring: This combination represents a contract or written agreement.

Letter and book: This combination represents documents or contracts. It may also symbolize notebooks, folders or binders.

Letter and man: This combination describes a writer and a man who uses communications to get his message across.

Letter and woman: This combination may represent a message or news about a woman.

Letter and lily: This combination represents old news that is already known. It may describe a message from or about an older man.

Letter and sun: This combination describes good news is ahead.

Letter and moon: This combination describes creative writing or a love letter.

Letter and key: This combination represents an important message that may be arriving later.

Letter and fish: This combination represents business and financial documents.

Letter and anchor: This combination may mean that a letter will be arriving later than expected.

Letter and cross: Thos combination stands for a painful, yet inevitable message.

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