Lily Card

The Lily Lenormand Card infers that one has experience. It may also infer that one is skilled in a particular area and many people look up to you as their inspiration. For many people, you may that needed fresh air that calms their nerves, you may be that friend who listens always and knows how to make one feel at ease.


The Lily Tarot Card reveals that you are in a relationship with someone who is either mature than you are or much advanced in years. This helps you to enjoy the full care and pampering that you require. You are also able to relate with the person not only as a lover but also as an elder sibling.


The Lily Lenormand Card can suggest that you are much established on the job than probably anyone else. This earns you an edge, a level of respect and admiration from all and sundry. It may also mean that you are trying to start a new business or try out self-employment.


There is a level of financial security that you enjoy. You are prescient and well prepared for events even before they arrive.


The Lily Card suggests that you enjoy some quiet. It may even mean that you are planning to retire, provided that you have not. Perhaps, it may mean that you have decided to take some time off work to get some rest under your belt. The Lily Card may infer that you enjoy bliss in your life and there is an idyllic and serene atmosphere wherever you may be.

Lily Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Lily and rider: This combination means that you will finally receive the answer to old news. It may be a message from a lover and peace will be reached.

Lily and clover: This card set symbolizes an older man getting lucky. It may describe good sex or good times.

Lily and ship: This combo shows rest after a long journey. It may describe a winter trip.

Lily and house: This set symbolizes an old house. It may describe a man’s manifested family.

Lily and tree: This assortment describes age-related health issues. Sexual problems may occur.

Lily and clouds: You may experience discontent or uncertainity soon. This combo often stands for being senile with sexual problems. There also may be problems with family.

Lily and snake: This set describes and man and a woman who are sexual partners. It may also mean a troublesome older man who causes distress.

Lily and coffin: This combo explains a time when peace ends. It is often associated with a divorced man and includes forgetfulness and an unfulfilled sex life.

Lily and bouquet: This combo stands for a joyful retirement. It is often associated with a happy man.

Lily and scythe: This card set describes the facet of harmony ending. This may be because of an accident and lead to lack of passion.

Lily and whip: Because there has been a slow process to act, old conflicts may become present again. This will lead to stubborn arguments.

Lily and birds: This combination symbolizes an older couple. Counseling may be needed, but long conversation will lead to good things.

Lily and child: This card set symbolizes the oldest child, grandfather, or grandchild.

Lily and fox: This combination means that there is a potential for sexual problems. There also may be an affair with sneaking around and deception.

Lily and bear: This combination symbolizes an aggressive businessman. Ultimately this set may lead to a pension or money for retirement.

Lily and star: This combination stands for a lifetime achievement award that may be received after long years of hard work. It symbolizes a famous man and leads to good sex.

Lily and stork: Changes are going to occur. This may also stand for pregnancy.

Lily and dog: This combo symbolizes an old dog. It asserts that you will be taken up by a lifelong friend.

Lily and tower: These cards are often associated with an assisted living center. It may also symbolize a government official or CEO.

Lily garden: These cards may entail a senior center. They also may provide public sex in your life.

Lily and mountain: This card set stands for stagnation with blocked progress. It also may mean lack of sex.

Lily and crossroad: A man must make a huge decision. He has choices to make in order to fulfill the future.

Lily and mice: This combination often symbolizes Alzheimer’s or sexual transmitted diseases.

Lily and heart: An older love or lover from your past may come back into your life. It will spark passion.

Lily and ring: A man must make an agreement. This card set also symbolizes getting married later in life.

Lily and book: These cards stand for old books. It may stimulate expertise in something. It also stands for an unknown man and may lead to a secret affair.

Lily and letter: These cards together create the image of old letters. A man will receive a message and its subject matter may be provocative.

Lily and man: This combination stands for an older man, whom may be a mentor or grandfather. It also may imply two men.

Lily and woman: This combination symbolizes an older woman, such as a grandmother or mother.

Lily and sun: This card set symbolizes a successful man who found his fortune later in life. It may also imply a positive sexual experience.

Lily and mood: These cards symbolize a creative man. It may mean that you are going to have a sexual encounter.

Lily and key: These cards mean certainty. You may be met up with an important man or mentor to help you.

Lily and fish: These cards entail a family business which was accumulated in old money-fashion.

Lily and anchor: While things may seem not to change for awhile, this time will be used for peace and calmness. You may receive an inheritance.

Lily and cross: These cards may mean bad sex. It may create depression.

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