Man Card

The Male LenormandCard depicts that your reasoning faculty is much advanced compared to your counterpart’s. You are sensitive and consider others before yourself because you are altruistic.


The Male Tarot Card suggests a male figure that many depend on. It could be the family, the society or even the adolescent. It can also mean any male personality in one’s life, a father, a male sibling, a spouse or any other influential male personality around. You exude love and you receive it too.


You are the type that enjoys imposing your strengths on a lot of things. The Male Card does not cringe in the face of challenges. The Male Card suggests that you are well equipped to weather any storm and shoulder any responsibility.


You are the type that makes a lot of gain from meager resources. You are a man of many known and inherent talents and you put those talents to good use. You are always spontaneous and you do rise to the occasion as and when due.


The Male Card reveals that you are a responsible person in every aspect. It also means that you are a rational being. You are passionate but you are not emotional regarding any matter. You are composed and you are approach issues from differing perspectives to garner the needed modalities in solving a problem.

Man Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Man and rider: This combination contributes to an active man coming into your life, most likely to deliver news or a message.

Man and clover: This combination may induce gambling. It symbolizes a lucky man who is taking advantage of an opportunity.

Man and ship: This combination elaborates going on a trip. It is often associated with a foreigner.

Man and house: This combination represents a family man, the head of the household. It may also mean realtor or landlord.

Man and tree: This card set symbolizes a religious man who works with medicine, such as a shaman.

Man and clouds: This combination may induce confusion. There is likely to be trouble and instability on the way.

Man and snake: This combination describes the coupling between a man and woman due to seduction. It may represent a dishonest man who will cause problems.

Man and coffin: These cards bring present a depressed man due to an illness.

Man and bouquet: This combination bring upon happiness and attraction usually brought upon by charm.

Man and scythe: This combination emulates a decisive, fast acting man, such as a surgeon. It may also describe a man of aggression.

Man and whip: This combination has the possibility of creating physical or sexual abuse. It is normally associated with argument.

Man and birds: This combination insists on a communicative man. It may provide two men who are outgoing and talkative.

Man and child: This combination essentially describes a man with boyish features. It may also entail a man taking care of a young child.

Man and fox: This combination means working vigorously to the point of becoming a workaholic. It may also mean cunning and crafty.

Man and bear: This combination may entail a man with his mother or grandmother. It may also describe a temperamental and protective person.

Man and star: This combination creates a successful man who delegates his dreams.

Man and stork: This combination describes a man who can adapt easily, therefore, being able to bring upon change.

Man and dog: This card set describes a loyal friendship to a fellow man.

Man and tower: These cards may describe a private, yet lonely man. It may be associated with a public official of some kind.

Man and garden: This combination emulates a sociable playboy. It describes someone famous in the public eye.

Man and mountain: This card set describes the single, lonely man. It may mean that there is a roadblock between him and a relationship.

Man and crossroad: This combination entails that a man must face a decision, and because of this, may become unstable.

Man and mice: This duo may contribute to a stressed and broke man.

Man and heart: This combo describes a man falling in love with romantic partner.

Man and ring: This combination can often stand for a man becoming committed. An engagement or marriage may happen soon.

Man and book: This combination may entail an intelligent and secret man. It is often associated with introversion.

Man and letter: This combo may instigate that a message will received soon. This combination is often associated with a postal worker.

Man and woman: This combination implies a coupling.

Man and lily: This combo set provides that there will be an established older man. It may mean that patience is needed.

Man and sun: This combination processes successful and optimistic bringing.

Man and moon: This combination insinuates creativity and artistic endeavors. It may bring upon great feeling and emotion.

Man and key: This combination describes an important man who is successful and depended by many.

Man and fish: This combination describes a wealthy businessman.

Man and anchor: These cards represent dependability and stability. It may also mean being too cautious.

Man and cross: This combination may represent religious surrender.

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