Mice Card

The Mice Card means that you are always on the alert for any situation. No matter catches you unawares. You are simply prepared for what is to come even before they come. Hence, you are a bit clairvoyant in your dealings.


The Mice Card may suggest you cannot trust anyone with your heart because you do not want to experience a heartbreak. Nevertheless, when you love, you give your all to those around you and you can do anything to keep them safe. You love them to a fault.


The Mice Card may infer that you are the type that worries about a lot of things and a lot of people. Your worries may seem misplaced to an ordinary person but beneath your worries, lies a genuine reason; for you are concerned about your future, your family and you strive to fend for them as soon as possible.


The Mice Card suggests that you have to be careful with how you relate with people for they are not too revealing of their true intent or character. They may intend to harm you or loot you when you let your guard down.


The Mice Card represents that you are a bit fun to be around. You always desire company hence you seek it too. It may also mean a series of issues that eats at your mind and they bug you so much that you cannot put them away, so you find a lasting solution to the issues.

Mice Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Mice and rider: This combination describes news that is coming that may cause much stress.

Mice and clover: This combination describes nervous excitement, such as butterflies in the stomach.

Mice and ship: This combination may entail car problems or car theft. There may also be mechanical problems.

Mice and house: This combination instigates the need to make repairs at home.

Mice and tree: This combination means that there will be a stressful illness that will cause despair.

Mice and clouds: This combination describes suicidal thoughts and being lost in life.

Mice and snake: theft involving a woman, major problems, difficulty coping

Mice and coffin: This combination entails that all of you worries shall end.

Mice and bouquet: This combination describes being excited for something to happen.

Mice and scythe: This combination describes a stressful decision that makes a relationship fall apart.

Mice and whip: This card set combination stands for the stress that comes due to fighting and arguments.

Mice and birds: This combination stands for anxiety and being nervous. You may have difficulty speaking to people.

Mice and child: This combination stands for a wild child. It may mean that there needs to be improvements.

Mice and fox: This combo may entail that you have lost a job or the job you are working has become unfulfilling.

Mice and bear: This combination symbolizes loss, whether that is financial or weight.

Mice and star: This card set stands for the hardships and obstacles when achieving one’s goals.

Mice and stork: There may be difficult and unwanted changes.

Mice and dog: This duo may represent a friend who is constantly worried or paranoid.

Mice and tower: This combination estates that there may be trouble with law or government.

Mice and garden: This combination states that you should be careful of thieves. It may cause a stressful event.

Mice and mountain: This combination describes giving up on something due to obstacles.

Mice and crossword: This combination insists that there will be uncertain results due to a worried decision.

Mice and heart: This combination symbolizes heartache and emotional stress.

Mice and ring: This combo relates itself to the break-up of a relationship due to unsettled agreements.

Mice and book: This combination means that there will be stressful information revealed to you. It may contribute to being afraid of the unknown.

Mice and letter: This combination means that there will be stressful information brought upon one’s life.

Mice and man: This combination contributes to the sick and depressed man.

Mice and woman: This combination represents an exhausted and overworked woman.

Mice and lily: This combination may insist that there will be sexual problems. It may also mean the end of an affair.

Mice and sun: This combination insists that a victory will made after a time of hard work.

Mice and moon: This combo means there may be an experience of depression due to emotional distress.

Mice and key: This combination means that things may not be as good as they actually appear.

Mice and fish: There will be a financial loss and business problems amongst you.

Mice and anchor: You may experience unemployment and stress for a long period of time.

Mice and cross: This combination describes grief due to loss and anxiety.

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