Moon Card

When one draws the Moon Tarot Card, one may be involved in some heightened form of fame. The Moon Card depicts honor, emotions, unparalleled beauty and genuine allure.

The Moon Lenormand Card is concerned with one’s mind eye, their creativity and strange powers of invention.


The Moon Card is tied to one’s feelings, one’s unexpressed desires, and fondness for another person. The Moon Card may infer that you are romantically or erotically involved with another person. The person may take a whole deal of your time as you do not want to disappoint them. You love meeting with them, even at odd hours of the day.


For your work, the Moon Card reveals that you are loved by all and sundry, usually for no reason. Many just want to be where you are. You should observe that at work, people flock around you because they want to be associated with you. It is usually related with/to your success and distinctiveness at work.


The Moon Card reveals that you are too desirous of a kind of wealth that many would hear and know about. Your affluence is connected with people’s knowledge. The Moon Card reveals that you are an individual of many talents and potentials. You may also be a commercial business person who imports and exports on a large scale.


The Moon Card reveals something special about your personality. The Moon Card depicts that when you give people advice and they follow it, they are likely to experience a change in tandem with your admonition.

It also shows that you are an active human, the flow of energy in you is unequaled and you often channel that towards mind-lifting adventures.

Moon Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Moon and rider: This combination stands for an emotional communion you will have with someone. You may encounter romance with a new love interest.

Moon and rider: This set symbolizes unexpected fame and good fortune coming into one’s life.

Moon and ship: This combo symbolizes a honeymoon of romance and a possible night cruise.

Moon and house: The merge stands for having a successful family and a custom-built house.

Moon and tree: Emotional health may whimper and depression may occur.

Moon and clouds: Depression may become evident is one’s life through romantic uncertainty and unsure fame.

Moon and snake: This combination symbolizes an emotional or creative woman. She may display dishonesty or disappointment.

Moon and coffin: This set stands for sadness. Your mental health may pillage due to lack of creativity.

Moon and bouquet: This combination stands for happiness. Use your joy to create great artwork.

Moon and scythe: You may have to make an emotional decision soon and it may cause separation and instability.

Moon and whip: This card set may symbolize foreplay. It also stimulates an upcoming touchy subject. There may be conflicts about success and arguments related to creativity.

Moon and birds: This set symbolizes lovers. A promising discussion will be had between you and another.

Moon and child: This combo symbolizes fertility. A creative child will come into play.

Moon and fox: A creative and successful job is coming your way.

Moon and bear: This combination symbolizes a famous boss. You may work a financially rewarding project and gain recognition by management.

Moon and star: This combo symbolizes the night sky. Psychic abilities and honor will also come into play.

Moon and stork: Success will bring both change and creativity.

Moon and dog: This combination stands for a successful friend you may have in your life. You affection for them will give you emotional support.

Moon and tower: This card will bring emotional protection or large fame. There may be honor by the government.

Moon and garden: This combo symbolizes popularity and night life. You may have an exciting meeting at dusk.

Moon and mountain: This card set stands for loneliness. You may be deprived of romance and lack creativity.

Moon and crossroad: Due to emotional decisions, there may be lack of commitment in one’s life.

Moon and mice: This combination stands for insecurity and depression that one has. Insomnia may occur because of these feelings.

Moon and heart: This card set symbolizes romance and deep love with passion.

Moon and ring: Marriage is the symbol of this combination.

Moon and book: These cards together stand for a fiction book. You may partake in a successful book somehow and there may be night classes.

Moon and letter: This combination may mean that you are going to receive a love letter. It also may mean you will win an award.

Moon and man: This combination features a charming, yet emotional man.

Moon and woman: This combination features a sensitive, yet intuitive woman.

Moon and lily: You may find love with someone mature. In return, you will receive emotional security.

Moon and sun: This combination stands for chemistry with big success.

Moon and key: You will be working on an important project and success is certain.

Moon and fish: This card set emulates a successful and creative business, which you may develop a deep emotional connection with.

Moon and anchor: You will receive long-term success and emotional stability.

Moon and cross: This combination set stands for a challenging creative project you will need to finish. It may cause an emotional burden.

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