Mountain Card

When one imagines a mountain, one envisions an immovable form of earth, impeding movement or denying one the adequate space that one needs. One is right to think so for the Mountain Card is an impediment, a hurdle that one must need to scale, unscathed. It may also mean that you desire something but there is some sort of delay that you cannot explain.

It is very important that one pays attention to this Card if and when drawn. This is because it is a stark warning that encumbrances lie ahead of one. But there is a way around every issue, hence, take your time to climb that mountain to the other side where the ground is plain.


The Mountain Lenormand Tarot Card may infer that the person you have been proposing is yet to accept your proposal. Do not worry, push a bit more. It may also mean that your relationship is going through some difficulties. Hence, set aside your differences and let love reign once more like it used to.


The Mountain Card may mean a snag that suddenly appears unannounced from nowhere at your workplace. It may be in form a person or a situation. These forces may work to counter your success or your enjoyment. But once you get ahold of the situation, those forces come to work to your advantage.


The Mountain Card may suggest that you are going through a financial crisis. It may also mean that things are not presently as smooth as they used to be. Just reshuffle your choices and you would be surprised at what bountiful proceeds await you. It may also be an admonition that you have to try your hands on other things besides what you are engaged in just to get more results.


The Mountain Tarot Card may infer an unavoidable hindrance. It could be a situation or someone that you cannot seem to cut off despite all your efforts. This may be the time for you to exercise patience and calmly watch as the issue gradually fades away into oblivion. But if it does not, then, you may have to retrace your steps or find another way. If it suggests that you are cornered, it may mean that you may require someone else’s unprovoked aid to rid yourself of the inimical situation.

Mountain Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Mountain and rider: After a set of delays, something you’ve been wafting for will finally arrive.

Mountain and clover: This combination describes that all the problems that you have had are going to end up good.

Mountain and ship: Travel is going to occur after a series of delays.

Mountain and house: This combination describes the loneliness, much of that like a hermit who lives in isolation.

Mountain and tree: This combination entails that there will be a prolonged illness or health problems.

Mountain and clouds: This combination describes prolonged confusion, which leads to procrastination.

Mountain and snake: This combination describes that there may be a major delay or major problems.

Mountain and coffin: This entails that all the troubles and road blocks are going to end.

Mountain and bouquet: This combination symbolizes mountains, itself. It may also contribute to peace within.

Mountain and scythe: This means that there may be a delay in waiting.

Mountain and whip: This combo describes impatience and long-term arguments.

Mountain and birds: This combination means you are finally going to reconnect with someone.

Mountain and child: This combination symbolizes the lonely child. It may also describe a delay in a new beginning.

Mountain and fox: This combination may describe unemployment or the lack of career growth.

Mountain and bear: This combination symbolizes a bear in the mountains. It may also entail financial reductions.

Mountain and star: There may be a lack of motivation in achieving one’s dreams.

Mountain and stork: This combination entails that things are moving forward again or a new beginning.

Mountain and dog: This combination describes a lonely and single friend.

Mountain and tower: This combination describes isolation and imprisonment.

Mountain and garden: This combination may describe a much needed break or vacation. It may also describe a delayed meeting.

Mountain and crossroad: This combination may mean that there will be a delay in making a tough decision.

Mountain and mice: There will be an end to your problems and woes.

Mountain and heart: This combination describes a lonely and bitter heart.

Mountain and ring: Although staying loyal, this combination describes a lonely relationship.

Mountain and book: This combination describes slow and long studying.

Mountain and letter: There is a delay in news or an announcement. There may also be no response.

Mountain and man: This combination describes an indifferent man.

Mountain and woman: This combination describes a cold and bitter woman.

Mountain and lily: This combination describes an obsolete se life. It may also describe isolation or winter.

Mountain and sun: This combination describes when success finally makes its way.

Mountain and moon: This combination describes depression.

Mountain and key: This means that obstacles have finally been overcome.

Mountain and fish: Money may be late or there may be financial problems.

Mountain and anchor: This combination describes long-term roadblocks.

Mountain and cross: This combo entails burdens that cause depression.

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