Rider Card Meaning

The Horse Rider Tarot Card is venturesome and illustrious. They are curious and inquisitive. Their imagination is surreal for they desire much more than the world can offer, thus they are travelers. They dabble into a lot of activities just to bolster their chances at success and strengthen their success ratings. They are a risk taker. They live, and are comfortable with, a nomadic lifestyle. They are committed to different engagements.

The Horse Rider Tarot Card is a perfect embodiment of youthful exuberance. They are an all-round workaholic. They embody vigor and ecstasy. They are loved by all and sundry. They bring newness to an environment. They also prefer to chart their own courses; they are always on the lookout for uncharted grounds and new experiences.


As a male, the Horse Rider, from a distant, reflects a ‘playboy’ being. As a female, the Horse Rider may appear to be a nymphomaniac due to the surge of energy that they expend from time to time. The Rider seems to give their heart to no one. They are always on the move, they lack any significant emotional commitment.   But on a closer examination, they are a strong and understanding lover; one shall discover they love with vigor and passion and that they love wholeheartedly. If one is patient with them, they eventually bond with their lover with such a connection considered inseparable. For them, love is an expression of not only one’s innermost thoughts but also the reflection of one’s lifestyle. If one draws a Rider, it may infer that a spontaneous change is about to happen in one’ love life. It may not mean that one should let go of one’s present emotional commitments. But one needs to be on the lookout, for the change might come unannounced. That does not mean it may last though.


The Lenormand Horse Rider Tarot Card is a human of various trades and establishments.  They go around leaving their imprint on the face of different industries. Once their newly-found passion reaches its prime, the Rider gallops on to other activities to repeat the same feat. The Horse Rider exudes enjoyable energy and expresses a unique exuberance. There is an atmosphere of physical energy that surrounds them. They are zealous about their work choice. Thus, they divert all their attention to it and convert all their excesses into viable yielding mediums.


The Lenormand card rider on a horse is financially buoyant. They are an affluent individual. They depict a herald of fortune. They venture into different fecund activities, such that would reward them with wealth, either in cash or in kind. They are business-savvy and are readily moved to pump resources into innovations. They have the connections needed to get themselves whatever they so desire.


Generally speaking, the Rider Tarot card on a Horse represents vivid power. They never tire out. The Rider is instant on and off season. They are always on top of their game. They are an emblem of unwavering resolve, they do what needs to be done as and when due. They obsessively crave knowledge and disseminate it accordingly. They are rich and they are a human of good largesse.

Where the Rider seemingly lacks commitment in love and emotions, they make up for it in their full concentration in their work or career. No matter what kind of job or work, the Rider picks up, they focus all their attention (of time, energy and resources) on such for as long as such lasts.

The Rider is a positive individual. They never say ‘NEVER’. They observe their situations and make the most of it. They capitalize on precarious situations and generate extraordinary and laudable achievements from them.

The Horse Rider is diligent but liberal in their approach to life. It is that kind that signals an irrepressible urge for hedonism (pleasurable existence) and vitality.

They are an expectant individual. Generally speaking, a man whose card is the Horse Rider is dapper while a woman is stylish. They stand out in a crowd with their dress sense. They are in vogue.

Rider Lenormand Tarot Card – Combinations

Rider and clover: good news, a new love, happiness

Rider and ship: news about travel, messages from abroad

Rider and house: some quick news about a real estate, somebody will visit you

Rider and tree: everything related health, mainly good news, stability

Rider and clouds: irritating news, mainly disturbing just for a short time

Rider and snake: some difficulties could occur, be aware of people who are not trustworthy

Rider and coffin: something comes to an end, mainly it is for the good but could seem negative at the beginning – mainly quite fast

Rider and bouquet: happiness, something good is coming in to your life, good news

Rider and scythe: unexpected, suddenly, fast  occurring news

Rider and whip: disturbing news – fast

Rider and birds: backbiting or messages – fast and mainly a good ones

Rider and child: pregnancy (card combination signifies a boy) , new beginnings, a start up, good news, a turn around of a previous bad situation

Rider and fox: be aware to be too trustworthy, backbites, messages with different outcome than expected

Rider and bear: fast message or letter from a public body, somebody/ something we can´t avoid and need to deal with

Rider and stars: good news, happiness, a good sign, great outcome, a good turnaround, a new love

Rider and stork: fast and quick change, a new beginning, a new residence, relocation

Rider and dog: news from a friend

Rider and tower: a man, news from a governmental institution, indicates some loneliness – something what you or somebody else has to deal with herself/ himself

Rider and garden: good things occurring, a choice, fast, new networks or relations, events

Rider and mountain: mountain mainly indicates a delay, a longer process than expected, a message, a man with a “package”

Rider and crossroad: some good news, different options, a guidance, somebody is helping you with a decision

Rider and mice: something is lost, a message, a signal, something we didn´t recognize

Rider and heart: good news, mainly in love matters but could also be a new business partner or partnership, something new, fast

Rider and ring: engagement, marriage, a contract, something serious

Rider and book: new knowledge, truth, secrets are revealed

Rider and letter: a message, something is getting written down, an expected message is finally coming to you

Rider and man: a new love, a message, a man, happiness, mainly very masculine man – fast

Rider and woman: new love, mainly a very sporty woman – fast

Rider and lily: peace, a choice, happiness, a man which brings stability

Rider and sun: a hit, prosperity, good news

Rider and moon: getting emotional or spiritual guidance, creativity, deeper knowledge

Rider and key: important news, news will surely come, news of success

Rider and fish: abundance, a win, news, a new income source, a good business

Rider and anchor: good news, making a good choice, somebody is choosing you

Rider and cross: destiny, news, something we mainly can´t avoid

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