Ring Card

The Ring Lenormand Tarot Card implies that there is a level of concord between two persons, two entities or two personalities depending on whether or not you are a person of your word. The Ring Card suggests that you have to be trustworthy, at least to a reasonable extent.


In your relationship, there is a harmony. You love and are loved. There is an accord between you too. You enjoy your relationship because it is based on mutuality. You depend on each other at all times.  It may also infer marriage, wedlock or engagement.


The Ring Tarot Card may mean that you have recently entered into a bond or contract with someone. It may also mean that you honor your deals and you stand by your words. Your word, simply, is your bond.


The Ring Card depicts that things are working for your good. You should avoid beating about the bush when dealing with people. When you enter into an agreement, you should keep your own end of the bargain. It may also mean that you are rich and your wealth stems from different activities.


The Ring Card may infer a newly-found synergy that you express when you find someone who thinks like you. The Ring Card surmises that you need to keep your mind on what is before you and not contradict yourself. It may also deduce that you need to be involved with something or someone so your goals may be achieved.

Ring Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Ring and writer: This combination may entail you will be finding a new partner soon.

Ring and clover: This combination means that you will come into a beneficial agreement with someone close to you.

Ring and ship: This card set may mean that you will enter a business agreement that is international.

Ring and house: This card combo may entail you will purchase, sell, or rent a house.

Ring and tree: This combination means that a long-term relationship will improve greatly.

Ring and clouds: This combination means that you may enter an arrangement or contract that you will become suspicious about.

Ring and snake: You may enter a new relationship while staying in your first. It may also symbolize a difficult contract.

Ring and coffin: This combination marks the end of a relationship. It may mean that a contract is terminated.

Ring and bouquet: This combination may entail a happy engagement or proposal.

Ring and scythe: This combination may lead to a divorce.

Ring and whip: This card set may contribute a troubled relationship. It may also entail difficult contract negotiations.

Ring and birds: This combination is often associated with having multiple partners.

Ring and child: This combination may represent a contract of some kind which includes a child, such as custody or adoption.

Ring and fox: Ring this combination may mean that you will receive a job offer or employee contract.

Ring and bear: This combination introduces a new business partner or a new financial agreement.

Ring and star: This combination introduces a positive connection with someone.

Ring and stork: This may entail a change in relationship or business.

Ring and dog: This combination symbolizes your partner (romantic or business).

Ring and tower: This card set may explain being in a relationship but still remaining lonely.

Ring and garden: This combination describes a high society couple in the public eye.

Ring and mountain: This combination may entail separation in a relationship or problems with a contract.

Ring and crossroad: This combination means multiple partners or contracts. I may also imply separation.

Ring and mice: This may entail the end of a relationship or contract.

Ring and heart: This combination stands for a marriage or partnership.

Ring and book: This combination relates to a secret relationship or contract.

Ring and letter: This combination may entail a written agreement.

Ring and man: This combination symbolizes married man or husband.

Ring and woman: This combination symbolizes a married woman or wife.

Ring and lily: This combination entails an affair with someone new, possibly someone from the past.

Ring and sun: This combination persists that you will find a good partnership.

Ring and moon: This combination entails you will have a strong attraction and emotional connection towards someone.

Ring and key: The signs of a successful relationship are good.

Ring and fish: This combination entails an agreement or a strong relationship.

Ring and anchor: This combination relates to a long-term arrangement or a stable relationship.

Ring and cross: This combination envisions a hard and painful relationship.

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