Scythe Card

Do not mind the first image that your mind pictures. This does not usually mean death or a visible end to something. It may however be a strict warning that you have to consider lest you find yourself in grave danger. Even as grim as the thought of drawing the Scythe Card may be, you have to remain positive for it might be your sign of a bountiful yield. It may be your own augur of replenishment’s just as it may be an end to something in your life. Usually, it is an end to an extraneous part of you, a part that has outlived its importance.


The Scythe Lenormand Card may reveal the decisive end to a union. It may appear sudden from the viewpoint of a third party but there would have been earlier-suggested signs that might have planted the thought in one’s heart. It may mean a break-up with one’s lover but one has to take it all in good faith because it is necessary so a better replacement can come into the picture. As negative as this may sound, it does not have to weigh you down. This is because something or someone better is around the corner.


The Scythe Tarot Card may represent a leave from a job or leaving a previous job for a new one. It may infer a change of levels, usually from a lower to a higher.


In this aspect, the Scythe Card may infer a sudden boom, an unexpected yield in returns from an investment or in a business. It can also mean a sudden bankruptcy, especially when things seemed fine and perfect. So, watch out for any unexpected signs.


The Scythe Card is generally a warning sign that one needs to be on guard for. With the Scythe Card, one should expect the best but prepare for the worst.

Scythe Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Scythe and rider: This combination stands for the patience in allowing new things to formulate in one’s life. A sudden epiphany may be received.

Scythe and clover: These cards stimulate random and sudden luck that reach a good outcome.

Scythe and ship: This card set may mean that a trip is cut short or has been cancelled.

Scythe and house: This combo relies on house problems or within the home. It may even mean the sale of a housing situation.

Scythe and tree: This combination symbolizes surgery and extraction.

Scythe and clouds: You may be uncertain and have a hard time making a tough choice about a decision.

Scythe and snake: This combo symbolizes the female surgeon. It may also entail an attack or breach.

Scythe and coffin: These cards may entail a firing or termination. Ultimately, it means the end.

Scythe and bouquet: This card set proclaims that there will be a positive and happy ending.

Scythe and whip: These cards stand for fighting and weapons. It may be associated with attacks, violence, and martial arts.

Scythe and birds: This card set stimulates arguments and yelling.

Scythe and child: This combo may represent some sort of utilization dealing with birth, such as abortion or a C-section. It may also imply that a child is having a toothache.

Scythe and fox: This combination means that there may be a job loss or firing.

Scythe and bear: This combination is associated with fat loss. It may also mean that you will need to make a important financial decision.

Scythe and stars: This combination stands for change of fate and taking action on your dreams with all of your will.

Scythe and stork: This combination means that everything is going to change very quickly.

Scythe and dog: This card set may imply the end of a relationship.

Scythe and tower: These cards represent a courtroom that holds trial.

Scythe and garden: This combination simply symbolizes gardening. It may also imply that unwanted guests will be invading.

Scythe and mountain: This combo symbolizes a roadblock. It may imply that there is going to be a slow process ahead.

Scythe and crossroad: You may become separated from someone or something important to you in your life and you will need to make a decision quickly.

Scythe and mice: This combination may both imply the end of worry or the beginning of an emotional breakdown.

Scythe and heart: This card set brings upon heartbreak and suffering over love loss. It may also imply heart surgery.

Scythe and ring: This combination states the end of a relationship or contract.

Scythe and book: A deep secret is revealed to start a new chapter.

Scythe and letter: A cancellation notice may be sent you to.

Scythe and man: This combination symbolizes decisive leadership in a man.

Scythe and woman: This combination produces a decisive woman. It may also produce a surgeon.

Scythe and lily: This card set may imply sexual frustration. It may also provide a time a of healing.

Scythe and sun: This combo symbolizes electricity. It may mean that success and power is on th way.

Scythe and moon: This card set is all about emotion, whether that is instability, release, or decision.

Scythe and key: You make need to make an important and necessary decision soon. It will, however, ultimately lead to fate.

Scythe and fish: You will need to make an important financial business decision soon.

Scythe and anchor: You will need to make a decision that will affect you permanently, but the outcome will provide guidance.

Scythe and cross: This combination symbolizes pain that is brought upon due to sacrifice.

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