Ship Card

The first thought that springs up to one’s mind regarding the Ship Card is traveling. But it may not be so. It may be that you are planning make a life-changing decision. The decision might seem life-threatening, but if you can muster the courage to make it, it shall be worth the risk. There is also a picture of ‘change’ when one imagines a ship. The meaning is premised on what one wants at a particular moment in time.


The Ship Card may infer a troubled love life. But wait, when the storm recedes, you are bound to enjoy your spouse to the fullest. You only need to be calm and put in your needful best to ensure that the ‘ship’ of your love life does not literally hit the rocks. But if you are not, perhaps it is high time you and the person went your separate ways. It may also infer the urge to try out a new lover, based on the need to try out an adventure,


The Ship Card may appear to mean a change in work or career choice. This may be expected or otherwise. It all depends on the perspective from which one sees the meaning. At first, it may mean a change in work or business life. It may later mean an expected promotion at work or a boost in sales. The Ship Card may also mean the will or desire to chart a new course for one’s destiny. It may mean the need to seek out unchartered territories and make a personal headway.


Picking a Ship Card may suggest that there is a purported increase around the corner. The increase may be obvious or unobvious depending on the time and location of an individual. It may also mean the tides are changing and one needs to be vigilant so they would change to one’s favor.


The Ship Card can mean a needed transition from one stage of life to the other. This transformation may be physical, mental, academic, emotional, business-wise etc.; all that matters is that one should pay attention to details as these changes come.

Ship Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Ship and rider: News about a trip is going to enter your knowledge. You may receive a message from far away.

Ship and clover: There may be a gambling trip that is manifesting for you. It will be a lucky trip.

Ship and house: This combination stands for immigration. It also may mean that you are going to take a trip back home.

Ship and tree: This card set symbolizes a long journey. It may provide sea sickness.

Ship and clouds:  A journey may become present, but it will be uncertain.

Ship and snake: You may take a trip with a lover soon, but there will be problems that take place.

Ship and coffin: This combination stands for the cancellation of a trip.

Ship and bouquet: Your journey will be a happy and joyous one.

Ship and scythe: Due to an accident, a sudden journey may need to take place.

Ship and whip: While this combination provides a very active journey, it will most likely bring trouble.

Ship and birds: Planning and the discussion of a journey will take place soon.

Ship and child: This combination symbolizes a new start, whether that be on a journey or in business.

Ship and fox: This set of cards stands for a business trip or someone you meet who works in the travel industry. It also may produce deceitfulness while traveling, which means it is good to be careful.

Ship and bear: This combo states that financial success is going to occur in business. This may be through a money transfer or a foreign investment.

Ship and stars: A promising journey is most likely going to take place. These cards also create the image of a dream vacation.

Ship and stork: This combination insists on the change, whether that brings new residence or a trip.

Ship and dog: This card set proclaims friendship, most likely from another country. This set instigates journeying with a friend.

Ship and tower: This combo is usually associated with traveling by one’s self over government related matters.

Ship and garden: This combination often expresses itself as a foreign country because it stands for an international trip. You will most likely be traveling to an event soon.

Ship and mountain: This dual often expresses itself as a trip to the mountains. It may also mean that the journey is delayed or postponed.

Ship and crossroad: Whilst traveling, changing planes, ships, or trains might be inevitable. It also may mean that you are making a decision about a trip and contemplating about two journeys.

Ship and mice: This combination often expresses stress. It may mean that a trip is cancelled or a troubled journey.

Ship and heart: This combo often expresses itself as traveling with a love. It may be through a romantic getaway or through a honeymoon.

Ship and ring: This set symbolizes a trip of love. It may include a honeymoon or a wedding, but it is oversees through a foreign business contract.

Ship and book: These cards together stand for a secret and educational journey or trip you might partake in. It also may provide that a passport is needed.

Ship and letter: These cards express themselves together as news or information, especially from far away or about a trip. It also may mean you will need a plane, train, or ship ticket.

Ship and man: This combination often symbolizes a foreigner or traveler man. It often expresses itself as a man who works on a boat or in the travel industry.

Ship and woman: This combination often symbolizes a foreigner or traveler woman. It often expresses itself as a woman who works on a boat or in the travel industry.

Ship and lily: This combination is often associated with old age. It may contribute to an older foreign man or a senior cruise. It especially provides a relaxing vacation, most often in winder. It can also instigate a sexual adventure.

Ship and sun: This combo expresses itself with success, whether that be with a business deal or summer vacation. The trip involved is usually warm in a desert or tropical setting.

Ship and moon: This set of cards establishes travel at night, especially in forms of romance.

Ship and key: These cards together create the vision of an important trip that is definitely going to happen through business success.

Ship and fish: This combination provides itself as a trip. It may also mean that money is going to arrive or that you will be granted a new business partner.

Ship and anchor: This combination stands for long travel. It is often associated with a cruise or work that involves boats. You are likely to reach your destination.

Ship and cross: This combo insists that a destined trip will take place, possibly a pilgrimage.

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