Snake Card

It is customary for one to shudder at the thought or reality of pulling a Snake Card because all that one may come to think of is the myriads of negativity related to the animal itself.

Words like deceit, lies and wickedness might come to one’s mind. But when one is able to override those thoughts, the Snake Card infers smartness, durability, flexibility as well as a host of other unique traits.


The Snake Lenormand Card may also infer a total love. A love of protection and of course total passion and unrestrained care. In any case, it is important that one should be smart and be on one’s toes for any unpremeditated incident in one’s love life.


With regards to this, when one draws a Snake, one must be patient and much observant of one’s environment as there may be certain determining factors that might try to impede one’s foreseen successes.

In addition, the situation might seem slippery or confusing. One should not panic. All one has to do is to reshuffle their engagements and handpick that which may portend the best chances of realization.

It might also mean that one has to make a sacrifice so that things may get better.


Things might appear topsy-turvy at first, especially when one finds oneself in a new setting. One has to relax, observe and adapt as soon as possible for that is all one needs to get one’s financial ratings back up, provided they are down.


Drawing the Snake Tarot Card might suggest that one should be more accommodating, especially in terms of condoning the growth of others. It may also mean that one should not be too trusting or easy to convince.

Clouds Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Snake and rider: This combination often means that news from a female entity will occur in your life. It may also mean that help is on the way.

Snake and clover: Female prosperity is going to take place. This card set also symbolizes healing and new opportunity in the works.

Snake and ship: This card set usually visualizes a journey made by a woman. It may also mean that there will be problems during a trip.

Snake and house:  This card set stimulates that there may be problems at home, possibly plumbing troubles.

Snake and tree: This combination produces that a woman will be ill. In contrast, it may also envision a female doctor.

Snake and clouds: This combination stands for mental confusion and that inability to find a solution to the problems at-hand.

Snake and coffin: This combination emulates an ending of some kind. It doesn’t necessarily mean bad, however, as it could be the end of all woes.

Snake and bouquet: This duo symbolizes a positive and happy woman who is capable of following her resolutions.

Snake and scythe: This combination stands for both surgery and then recovery. It may also produce the image of an attack by a woman.

Snake and whip: This card set emulates trouble for a woman. It may produce fighting, abuse, hurt, and promiscuity.

Snake and birds: This combination means that you may receive a call from a woman and negotiate a certain situation.

Snake and child: These cards together may stimulate a few symbols. It may stand for a child who is causing trouble. It may also produce the image of a woman with a child or a new start for her.

Snake and fox: This combination emulates lie and slander in the workplace. It may constitute a bad employee or female rival.

Snake and bear: These cards produce a business woman often stressed about financial problems. It may also produce the image of a woman with someone who protects her, such as a man or her mother.

Snake and stars: This combination stands for a woman with psychic abilities. It may also stimulate a challenging project that will take musch difficulty to finish.

Snake and stork: This combination defines change, which may be difficult to adapt to.

Snake and dog: This combination states that you may meet a friendly woman soon who is very helpful.

Snake and tower: This combination stands for an independent executive female. It may entail that a lawsuit is going to be made.

Snake and garden: This combination insinuates a woman in the public eye, such as a presenter, news anchor, or public relations.

Snake and mountain: This combo produces a roadblock in one’s life. Problems may persist and last much longer than expected.

Snake and crossroad: You may have the urge to run away and hide. This card set produces the feeling of being uncertain.

Snake and mice: Things in life may be expected to get worse and you will experience anxiety because of it. It may develop from the loss of something which creates more hardship.

Snake and heart: These cards produce seduction with may lead to cheating. It induces the rivalry felt by an ex-lover.

Snake and ring: Thos combination stands for a compromise that may be had due to commitment.

Snake and book: This set provides that there is unpleasant secret being hidden, such as an unknown mistress.

Snake and letter: This combination entails that bad news is on the way from a female counterpart.

Snake and man: This combination creates the image of the bad boy who cheats and causes trouble. It may entail a man with a secret mistress.

Snake and woman: This combination produces a deceitful woman who cheats. It may also envision a woman with a female lover.

Snake and lily: This combination symbolizes an affair or a sexual relationship.

Snake and sun: Although problems will be resolved, it may be costly in work, time, or money. These cards also symbolize a woman who is successful.

Snake and moon: This combination produces illusion, such as a popular woman who deceives.

Snake and key: This combination symbolizes the luck in creating a solution.

Snake and fish: This combination has the contrast of either receiving money in contribution or having financial trouble.

Snake and anchor: This combination stands for a woman who settles herself due to insecurity.

Snake and cross: This combination symbolizes a burdened woman who has been abused with trauma.

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