Stork Card

When you desire something new in your life or you are expectant of a transformation, this may be your card. The Stork Lenormand Card is an agent of progress or general advancement. If this is your card, you are in luck, know that your expectations are assured to arrive as and when due.


The Stork Tarot Card may infer the arrival of a new love. It may also mean that your unstable relationship is bound to see better days. Your lover may have a change of heart and begin to understand you better.


The Stork Card may infer a promotion at your place of work. It can also mean that you have begun to adapt to the change you recently experienced due to some reshufflings. It could even mean that you are to be redeployed to another environment entirely to begin work life or establish a business.


The Stork Tarot Card portends a change in status. You may have been living from hands to mouth prior to your drawing this card, but once you do, everything points to a dawn of abundance.


The Stork Card encompasses positivity in all ramifications. I once read about it that storks used to bring people different forms of gifts ranging from cash to even babies! How sweetly incredible that sounds! It also infers that there is still room for one to better one’s previous achievements. In any case, there is an aura of grandeur around this card.

Stork Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Stork and rider: This combination means that change is going to make things different in one’s life.

Stork and clover: This combination entails that luck will come your way.

Stork and ship: There will be change upon movement, whether that means travel or change of residence.

Stork and ship: This combination may entail moving or renovation of a home.

Stork and tree: Combination describes positive changes due to health improvements.

Stork and clouds: This combination describes uncertain changes due to an intact of focus.

Stork and snake: This combo stands for a woman who may bring about trouble.

Stork and coffin: This combo set means that something has halted plans and there is no change.

Stork and bouquet: There are going to be positive improvements accumulating in one’s lifestyle.

Stork and scythe: This combination entails quick and last change.

Stork and whip: This combination means that a change may take place that may seem uneasy. You will get an epiphany during conversation.

Stork and birds: This combination stands for an uneasy change in a close relationship that you have.

Stork and child: This combination stands for pregnancy and birth.

Stork and fox: This card set emulates a positive change in the workplace, which may be a change of jobs or a promotion.

Stork and bear: This set creates the image of increased financial assets due to new management.

Stork and star: This combination stimulates a positive change in which advancement is made.

Stork and dog: This combination describes new friendship.

Stork and tower: This duo describes the end of loneliness and change on the political spectrum.

Stork and garden: A positive change will take course and become well known.

Stork and mountain: This combination may mean that there will be slow progress and stalled vision.

Stork and crossroad: This combination in states that separate ways will be made once a strong decision is made.

Stork and mice: There will be a change that occurs in one’s life that will cause much stress and discouragement.

Stork and heart: This combination means that there will be great changes ahead of you and your relationships.

Stork and ring: This combination describes changes and engagement that proclaim promise and hope.

Stork and book: This combo describes research in which new information or secrets are revealed.

Stork and letter: This combination means that there is going to be a proclamation of news of change.

Stork and man: This combination describes the adaptable man who constitutes change.

Stork and woman: This duo symbolizes the independent woman. It may mean change is on the way.

Stork and lily: This set stands for an older man who grows and contributes change.

Stork and sun: This combination describes positive changes that lead to success.

Stork and moon: This combination describes the satisfaction and contentment after a successful change.

Stork and key: This combination symbolizes a life-changing event.

Stork and fish: This combo institutes that there will be a change in your financial situation.

Stork and anchor: This combination describes great process and long-term results.

Stork and cross: There will be unwanted and difficult changes.


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