Sun Card

When one picks a Sun Lenormand Tarot Card, it often reveals that one is bound to be a recipient of success or glory. The Sun Card reveals that you radiate of achievements. Wherever the Sun Card is drawn, there is life¸ there is vigor; there is no room for dejection.


The Sun Lenormand Card’s depiction of love is very strong. You may be in a relationship with an individual or you may have the eyes for someone. If it is an existing relationship, the Sun Card shows that you both are obsessed with each other and affectionate towards each other. You are enjoying the rave of the moment that surrounds your love life.


At work, the Sun Card reveals that you have a positive mentality. Nothing can get to you. You always believe that no matter what you lay your hands upon, it shall always end with/in distinction. You are also a paragon of sheer excellence.


The Sun Card may infer that you have just regained your feet after you experienced a nosedive in your financial affairs. It also depicts that you are highly sought after. You naturally convince people to do business with you for many have heard good reports about your capabilities.  The Sun Card reveals that you have the Midas touch and you can basically make success out of nothing.


The Sun Card may reveal that you may be experiencing a slight change in your life that you may attribute to your lifestyle; but do not be dismayed for the sun will shine at the end and the light will come forth at the end of that tunnel. The Sun Card reveals that you are the ebullient type. You are never dull or sad. Life courses through your veins. You are joyful and you desire to share that happiness with many a person who is willing to join your team.

Sun Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Sun and rider: This combination states that you will be visited by a successful encounter soon. Good news is on the way.

Sun and clover: This set stands for gambling success. Great luck and good timing are all on the way.

Sun and ship: This card set means that a summer trip may become likely in your life. There is success overseas.

Sun and house: This couplet radiates success in the home. It perceives a perfect house. It also may stand for a hot house, such as an air conditioner not working.

Sun and tree: These cards produce energy and provides that good health is coming your way.

Sun and clouds: This combination means that success is depleting. Things aren’t always as they appear.

Sun and snake: A successful women may come into your life. This, however, may bring about problems.

Sun and coffin: Although troubles may occur, a successful ending is likely.

Sun and bouquet: This combination stands for success and happiness.

Sun and scythe: You will make a positive decision soon. It will happen quickly, but with good results.

Sun and whip: This combo describes the nature of duality. It symbolizes competition, sex, and/or debate.

Sun and birds: This combo set proclaims great conversation and great speech whilst in company.

Sun and child: This card set symbolizes an energetic child. It may mean that a great start is coming.

Sun and fox: This dualistic combo set in contrast. Success may enter your life through deception or unconventional matters.

Sun and bear: This combination stands for the fortunate man. Money is most likely going to come your way.

Sun and star: This card set describes someone famous who grants honor, achievement, or award. Either you or someone you know will garnish this.

Sun and stork: A positive change with the desired outcome is most likely going to occur in your life.

Sun and dog: You will meet a new friend. They will be both successful and good to help you on your journey.

Sun and tower: This set symbolizes an electric company. It may mean that you will gain increased power and protection in the control of your life.

Sun and garden: You will be attending or hosting a successful event or party.

Sun and mountain: These elements stand for the volcano. It may mean that there may be delayed success in your prospects.

Sun and crossroad: These two cards together stems a pleasant walk. There may be expansion in some way or another formulating in your life.

Sun and mice: These cards show a power outage. You may experience a dose of fatigue and loss of energy.

Sun and heart: This combination stands for a significant love that you may experience soon. Passion is the heart.

Sun and ring: This equation grants a successful signed contract. You may also indulge in a great relationship starting soon.

Sun and book: These cards stand for important information. It may also mean successful school endeavors.

Sun and letter: Good news is on the way. You will receive an award for something you are destined for.

Sun and man: This combination stands for the charismatic and successful way of living.

Sun and woman: This card set creates the archetype of the optimistic, outgoing, and high energy personality traits.

Sun and lily: Success may come late and slowly, but it is still on the way.

Sun and moon: With creative success comes great romance.

Sun and key: The answer is yes and there will certainly be success amongst you.

Sun and fish: This card set symbolizes a successful business. You will most likely experience an financial increase.

Sun and anchor: The goal you have set out for yourself is reached. This new success will make you stay put for some time.

Sun and cross: Although success is destined, it may end up becoming a burden.

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