Tower Card

The Tower Lenormand Card may suggest that you are on a different pedestal compared to your mates. It may also mean that you act or seem vain when described by people and that is because they have not gotten close to you. When they do, they know that you are soft like the insides of a shell.


The Tower Tarot Card may infer that an individual is presently unmarried. The sign is out there for you to get hooked up as soon as possible. It may also mean a union that people do not seem to know the secret of their togetherness.


The Tower Tarot Card can mean a level of independence with regards to one’s job. Where many may rely on others to survive, you are self-sufficient, you operate with autonomy in all areas of your work life.


The Tower Card may infer that you are financially-independent. It may also mean that you have invested your resources into a lot of projects, and as such you are prospectively a wealthy person.


The Tower Card may serve as a means of protection from external forces. It may portend that you are not the trusting type, hence you are much comfortable with your individualistic lifestyle. It may mean that you have been delegated with a kind of authority that places you over a lot of people.

Tower Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Tower and rider: This combination stands for a post office or getting a message from an agency.

Tower and clover: This combination exclaims luck with an authorative group.

Tower and ship: This combo symbolizes an airport or an important business trip.

Tower and house: This combo makes up a large house or an apartment building.

Tower and tree: This combination may stand for a hospital or health center.

Tower and clouds: This combination describes troubled times due to the government.

Tower and snake: This combination may entail legal problems with the government.

Tower and coffin: This combination symbolizes a graveyard. It may mean that loneliness is finally ending.

Tower and bouquet: This combination describes a positive outcome to a legal situation.

Tower and scythe: This combination describes destruction. There may be a poor legal decision coming soon.

Tower and whip: This combination symbolizes a public fitness center or gym.

Tower and birds: This combination symbolizes congress and parliament. It may accumulate legal worries.

Tower and child: This combination stands for a college or university.

Tower and fox: This combination stands for a corporate or government employee.

Tower and bear: This combination stands for a financial company or bank.

Tower and star: This combination stands for the loneliness and struggle as one tries to guard their dreams.

Tower and stork: This combination means that there is going to be a change that is noticed.

Tower and dog: This card set stand for the need of protection over a friend.

Tower and garden: This combination stands for a public building, such as a hospital.

Tower and mountain: This combination may contribute to loneliness and roadblocks within a corporation or government.

Tower and crossroad: This combination stands for the lonely path one walks as they choose to make a decision that leaves them alone.

Tower and mice: There may be a business or corporate loss accumulating.

Tower and heart: This may constitute a separation between two people which leads to a lonely and deprived relationship.

Tower and ring: This combination may entail a government contract.

Tower and book: This combination may symbolize a professor or teacher.

Tower and letter: This combination stands for a notice from the government or authorities.

Tower and man: This combination represents an executive or government employee.

Tower and woman: This combination may describe an arrogant and lonely uptight woman.

Tower and lily: This combination describes a senator.

Tower and sun: This combination symbolizes someone who leads a government.

Tower and moon: Thos combination describes a creative enterprise with freedom of expression.

Tower and key: This combination may entail a revolution and independence. It may imply success in legality.

Tower and fish: This combination represents a trade center or bank.

Tower and fish: This combination stands for long-term protection.

Tower and anchor: This combination may imply a church or temple.

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