Tree Card

The Tree Lenormand Tarot Card simply infers a tree with lots of branches, deep roots and green leaves. It can naturally mean an organogram and the hierarchies involved in a firm. Imagine a tree in its prime. It may also infer something at its prime or at its most useful state. The Tree Card may imply wisdom, longevity and deep connections. Imagine


The Tree Tarot Card for love may infer a longtime affair or relationship with one’s spouse. It may mean that you are due for marriage after you have enjoyed the exuberance of bachelorhood or spinsterhood for a long time.


The Tree Card may imply that you are taking your time before you commit yourself to an activity. It may also mean that you are tired of your present occupation and you are ready to try out new things.


The Tree Card may infer that it is high time you involved yourself in an activity that would get you deserved yields. It may mean that your present business is the sole of your earnings.


The Tree Card may imply life. It may suggest that you are bound to live a long life. Just be careful so you do not get bored along the way, for when a tree lives too long, it outlives its usefulness and many who had once admired it may look upon it with scorn. So, take care and watch every step you take while growing in life.

Tree Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Tree and rider: This combination symbolizes a young male who has become ill. You may be receiving health related news soon.

Tree and clover: This combination instigates that you will recover from an illness that has been affecting you.

Tree and ship: This combination stand for a spiritual journey that may come into your life. It may deal with struggle as the cards symbolize car repair or an ambulance.

Tree and house: This set of cards may emulate good and stable health. It may also mean that the house will need of repairs.

Tree and clouds: This combo creates the image of mental confusion. There may be uncertainty about an illness you may be having.

Tree and snake: This set symbolizes a female in the health industry, whether that is a doctor, nurse, or yoga master. It may mean that there are physical problems that you may be having.

Tree and coffin: This combination states that a major illness may cause struggle and depression in one’s life.

Tree and bouquet: This combination expresses itself as nature and good health.

Tree and scythe: This combination symbolizes surgery.

Tree and whip: This dual of cards produce the example of long-term illness that will cause pain. It may also mean exercise and vigorous work ethic.

Tree and birds: The group symbolizes a forest. It often means conversations and discussions to help with health and spirituality.

Tree and child: This combination takes the form of a New Year’s Resolution. It often means that you will have a new and successful start in health. At worst, it may symbolize an ill child.

Tree and fox: This set is often associated with a health care worker. It may mean that you may have a misdiagnosis for a problem you have been having.

Tree and bear: This combo set is associated with expensive illness through eating disorder. It may mean that obesity is occurring and a diet is needed.

Tree and stars: This set of cards is often associated with being in nature at night. Symbolically, it may mean that you are going to receive a medical treatment.

Tree and stork: This set means that recovery is going to happen or is needed to move on.

Tree and dog: This combination infixes the notion of someone you can trust, such as a doctor or a soul mate. At worst, it symbolizes a sick dog.

Tree and tower: This combination stands for a hospital or doctor’s office to recover health.

Tree and garden: These two cards simply create the vision of a garden. It may also stand in place as hospital or spa, a relaxing place-setting.

Tree and mountain: There may be delays in recover of the struggle that is occurring in your life. These cards are associated with fatigue and illness may be created through blockages.

Tree and crossroad: You will most likely be making a life changing decision soon.

Tree and mice: This combination is certain of stress, illness, and health deterioration that is going to create struggle in one’s life.

Tree and heart: This card set is associated with heart problems.

Tree and ring: A spiritual connection is being manifested in one’s life. It may mean that you are also in the stages of a life-long partnership. Make sure you are not going around in circles about your stability and health.

Tree and book: You may be experiencing an unknown health problem that is going to need an exam to be treated and looked at thoroughly.

Tree and letter: This combination is the manifestation of lab results or a prescription in the use of data.

Tree and man: This combination speculates a man that is either ill or a healer.

Tree and woman: This combination speculates a woman that is either ill or a healer.

Tree and lily: There may be age-related health problems accumulating in one’s life. There also may be a sexual disease.

Tree and sun: This consort of cards symbolizes great health and the energy that comes with it.

Tree and moon: This combination visualizes depression that is caused by mental or emotional health.

Tree and key: Destiny creates recovery with this set of cards.

Tree and fish: This combination stands for an increase in money flow.

Tree and anchor: This combination symbolizes good health that creates stability and balance.

Tree and cross: This combination emulates depression that causes much suffering in one’s life.

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