Whip Card


The Whip Card is a wake-up call that there are a lot of opposing forces against one’s success. Picking up a Whip Card out of the possible thirty-six is by no means ordinary. It usually crops up like a shoot of germinating corn when there is a crisis in one’s life. The crisis may be self-inflicted or externally-influenced.


The Whip Card may portend extreme love, with a spoonful of the dish of Fifty Shades of Grey.  When you know you are suffering but you are smiling because you are erotically and passionately involved with the person, with a few doses of bruises and cuts here and there.


The Whip Card may infer that you are too aggressive about your work. You stress yourself too much. You are always at the forefront of stressful engagements and albeit you rarely complain, it is taking its toll on you. You might want to take things slow a bit and take a second to see the world through another microscope.

It may also mean that the relationship you are in is not the best for you. Thus, you may need to find your bearing as soon as possible or you endanger your life.


You may not observe, but the Whip Card points to the possibility of a sharp contrast between your total efforts and what seems to be the product. This cannot be unlikely because one’s mindset is different from what one is actually diverting one’s funds into.


The Whip Card generally means discord or a form of disagreement. It may also mean a difficulty that an individual is passing through at a particular time frame. It may also mean a necessary evil that may come one’s way, if one surmounts the challenge, one may excel in any area of one’s life.

Whip Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Whip and rider: This combination entails that you may be receiving troubling news or critical feedback soon.

Whip and clover: This combo represents gambling on an athletic event.

Whip and ship: This combination symbolizes exploration that may bring upon a troubled journey.

Whip and house: This card set may represent arguments or domestic violence within the home. It may also imply working out inside the house.

Whip and tree: You may experience some health problems.

Whip and clouds: This combination represents the confusion in not knowing which direction to go. It may cause irrational anger.

Whip and snake: This combo represents the dangerous, bad boy type. It may imply that this person is a heartbreaker.

Whip and coffin: This combination implies that a fight might take place that leads to separation. It symbolizes self-destruction.

Whip and bouquet: This card set implies dancing and physical activity.

Whip and scythe: There may be troubles and accidents ahead of you.

Whip and birds: This combination stands for debates, argument, and hectic conversation.

Whip and child: This combo symbolizes an athletic child. It may imply that there will be a troubling beginning.

Whip and fox: This combination stands strong military action. It may also provide trouble while working.

Whip and bear: This combination represents the athlete, body builder, or personal trainer.

Whip and stars: This combination stands for the coaching of a successful competition.

Whip and stork: This combination implies a fast and unsettling change.

Whip and dog: This combination may produce faltering friendship. It may also represent a coach or leader.

Whip and tower: This combination may represent a fortress or military base. It may also imply that there will trouble authorities.

Whip and garden: This combination represents public events at a stadium, such as a sporting event or debate.

Whip and mountain: This card set may entail limitations in life and the boundaries that cannot be crossed. It may also represent conversation that is dull.

Whip and crossroad: This card set represents the confusion on not knowing which direction to take with multiple selections.

Whip and mice: This combination may produce exhaustion from physical activity. It may mean that there is problems with the body or physicality.

Whip and heart: This combination symbolizes the desperation and passion that comes with a relationship. It may mean that there is a conflict in love.

Whip and ring: There may be abuse or trouble within a relationship.

Whip and book: This combination symbolizes competition within academics.

Whip and letter: There is a signed contract that may impose a threat.

Whip and man: This combination symbolizes the physically fit man.

Whip and woman: This combination symbolizes the intense, sexy woman.

Whip and lily: This combination is when energy begins to cease and causes exhaustion. It may represent arthritis.

Whip and charisma: This combination provokes charm and winning.

Whip and moon: This combination may instigate sexual seduction. It may imply obsession over a certain prospect.

Whip and key: This combination implies that there will be an important discussion soon that will need necessary action.

Whip and fish: You may have arguments about money.

Whip and anchor: Slow and steady win the race. This combination stands for consistency.

Whip and cross: There will be hard challenges on the way, but they will produce great lessons.


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