Woman Card

The Woman Lenormand Card tells that you are someone’s pillar of support, a confidant. You are always reliable even when many might consider you otherwise. You are not a rash decision maker. You take your time. You know that a lot of parameters are involved when making a judgment, hence you observe, you investigate and then you discover the truth before you give a verdict regarding any issue.


The Woman Tarot Card suggests the female gender in every sense. It may be that a female will soon find their way into your life; it could be a new friend, business partner, a lover, or even a child. Whomever they may be, you are passionate about them for they bring a kind of glow that you have not experienced before into your life.


The Woman Lenormand Card suggests that you enjoy support from all and sundry. Your work environment is conducive and you have cooperative co-workers. It may also mean that you use your brains much more than you use your hands. You are receptive at work and listen to corrections that may improve your work delivery.


The Woman Card suggests that you are really productive in any line of business. You use little and make much. You are talented and you are keen on helping others.


The Woman Card suggests that you use every situation to your advantage. You are never caught unawares and you are the type that reacts intuitively to situations. It may also mean that you have an important female character in your life.

You may however try to be more malleable than you are presently are, consider other people’s thoughts and sincere opinions in matter. After all, a woman figure is a flexible being. They can adjust and still readjust if the occasion demands it.

Woman Tarot Card reading – Combinations

Woman and rider: These cards symbolize a woman and a young man. A new relationship may be forming.

Woman and clover: This combination stands for a lucky woman. She may either be a gambler or taking advantage of a situation.

Woman and ship: These cards describe a foreigner visiting a new place. It is often associated with a woman taking a cruise or trip.

Woman and house: This combination emulates a housewife. It may stand for newly designated stabilization.

Woman and tree: This set may show an ill woman. It also may induce a woman who works in the medical field.

Woman and clouds: This combination may bring about trouble from within. It emulates confusion and instability.

Woman and snake: This set symbolizes two women. It also may mean that a seductive woman may enter your life, but she will be dishonest and troublesome.

Woman and coffin: This combination stands for an ill woman, which leads to depression.

Woman and bouquet: This set stands for happiness, charisma, and attraction.

Woman and scythe: This combination stands for a decisive woman who is critical and fast acting.

Woman and whip: This combination emulates argument. It may lead to sexual and physical abuse in some form or another.

Woman and birds: This combination shows two women, or a woman with two children. It often is associated with outgoing communication.

Woman and child: This card set is often associated with being young and immature. It may symbolize a woman with a child.

Woman and fox: This set is usually described with dishonesty, craftiness, and cunning. It may produce a workaholic who does whatever it takes to achieve their ends.

Woman and bear: This combination symbolizes a protective, controlling, and strong woman. It may provide a mother, a boss, or a grandmother.

Woman and star: This combo produces success and fame. A psychic may provide answers for you.

Woman and stork: This set presents that a woman will enter your life and make things different. The change will leave you open-minded.

Woman and dog: This duo provides that a friendly woman may enter your life or approach you at some point. It may be a woman that you know.

Woman and tower: This combo produces a private and lonely woman. It may also mean exuberance in height and pride.

Woman and garden: This card set is often associated with a socialite-type woman in the public eye, whom is single.

Woman and mountain: This combination describes a single woman who is a loner, whether she chooses to be or not. There may be delays occurring in some process of her life.

Woman and crossroad: Either you, or a woman may make a big decision in their lives. Instability may occur because of the tough precautions.

Woman and mice: This card set symbolizes the stress and anxiety that we experience in life. It may also provide that is broke, or is going to be.

Woman and heart: This combination simply provides romantic experience. A woman is going to fall in love.

Woman and ring: This combo stands for marriage or engagement. You may have to make a commitment to a love soon.

Woman and book: This combination symbolizes the intelligent, educated, and mysterious aspects of the female side, often introverted.

Woman and letter: You may receive a message from a special woman soon. This set may also symbolize a journalist or postal worker of some kind.

Woman and man: This combination describes a couple. It may also entail a special connection is going to abrupt in your life.

Woman and lily: This card set symbolizes an older woman, whom is usually retired. She is established, patient, and kind.

Woman and sun: This combination stand for the optimism one experiences and the success that comes with it.

Woman and moon: This dualist combo set describes the creative, artistic, and emotional side of human nature.

Woman and key: An important woman will be insinuated. She is both successful and dependable, which can help you with your matters.

Woman and fish: This combination symbolizes wealth, often associated with a businesswoman.

Woman and anchor: Though things might be slow to act, everything will be dependable and stabilized as everything manifests itself.

Woman and cross: This combination describes the religious woman. It may also explore a burdened and hurt woman.

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